SK-II's big XO for Year of the Ox

André Saraiva's graffiti alter egos, Mr & Mrs A, with the SK-II Pitera Essence XOXO New Year Limited Edition.

Last year, Disney's original Mickey Mouse adorned the bottle of SK-II's limited-edition Facial Treatment Essence. Representing the Year of the Rat, the cheerful anthropomorphic mouse seemingly demonstrates the "pat pat" method used in applying the iconic treatment essence.

Likewise, the Year of the Ox is whimsically celebrated with hugs and kisses and happy reunions, portrayed through a collaboration with artist André Saraiva, known for his "Love Graffiti" concept.

Saraiva's graffiti alter egos, Mr & Mrs A, can be seen expressing their love for Pitera at SK-II counters and on limited-edition sets, as well as sharing hugs and kisses with brand ambassadors in campaign images.

The signature ingredient Pitera was inspired by how elderly, wrinkled sake brewers had soft and youthful hands because they were constantly in contact with yeast used in the fermentation process.

From this observation, SK-II scientists researched on isolating a yeast strain for a natural fermentation process to obtain the anti-ageing Pitera.

Launched in December 1980, the Facial Treatment Essence containing a high concentration of Pitera (over 90%) is hailed as Miracle Water for promoting crystal-clear skin.

SK-II's bestseller has remained unchanged for four decades, whereas its frosted glass bottle has been redesigned for the limited-editions.

This year's bottle features "XOXO" motifs in vibrant gold brush strokes against a red background, to auspiciously mark the Year of the Ox, which will begin on Feb 12.

The love theme of SK-II Pitera Essence XOXO New Year Limited Edition also makes it a fitting gift for Valentine's Day.

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