Milky way to young skin

Japanese brand Albion shares all online with its 'Skin Care Lesson'

The Albion counter at Paragon's Beauty Hall.

Having defined beautiful skin as translucent and supple, Albion has research and development centres in Tokyo and Akita in Japan as well as one in Sri Lanka that work on offering beauty solutions.

On its website, the Japanese brand explains in details "The Albion Skin" and its beauty routine in the "Skin Care Lesson", whereas additional advice is given at the recently-opened counter in Paragon's Beauty Hall.

The skincare collection aims to support natural functions that promote blood circulation, optimum moisture balance, fine texture and even skin tone.

Albion's four-step skincare ritual aims to promptly replenish the skin with what it needs.

Maintaining optimal moisture balance is particularly important for the Japanese brand.

The second step involves Balancing Milks, formulated not to coat the skin's surface but to resemble its natural moisture balance. The softened skin further promotes the permeation of skincare products applied in the following steps.

Because the skin surface is finely grained and covered with pores, using a cotton pad rather than hands is more effective in applying three pumps or one teaspoon of the Balancing Milk.

The Albion counter at Paragon's Beauty Hall.

The "Milk First" skincare method has been adopted by Albion since it was established in Ginza, Tokyo, in 1956.

The first five products were a milky lotion, a lotion, a moisturiser, a massage cream and a peeling facial pack.

Its Prian Milky Lotion was a huge success that put the company on the map. The brand name is far from being Japanese though as it is inspired by the stunning White Cliffs of Dover, in the UK.

Today, the signature products include the third bestseller Infinesse White Whitening Pump Milk, and Exage milky lotions with three formulas for oily, normal or dry skin.

After balancing and priming the skin, Step 3 and Step 4 respectively stimulate and hydrate through essences and then boosts the skin function and locks in moisture through serums and creams.

Nicknamed "SkiCon", the best-selling Skin Conditioner Essential was launched in 1974. The essence's key ingredient is a hardy variety of Job's tears called Kita no Hato, organically-grown in the frigid climate of Hokkaido.

The Albion counter at Paragon's Beauty Hall.

Albion developed a unique "blasting" process to extract concentrated ingredients from the resilient plant for making the Skin Conditioner Essential, available as a lotion and a paper mask.

A fermentation technology gives an anti-ageing ingredient with high concentrations of multiple active substances. Named Myurat, it powers the milky-white Flora Drip, which also provides aromatherapy through the relaxing scent of five medicinal herbs.

Albion's belief in botanical ingredients is further evident in the research conducted in Sri Lanka, known for its therapeutic plants and Ayurvedic medicine.

Its efforts in cultivating plants with potential cosmetic effects include setting up a farm in collaboration with the people of Fujisato in Akita, Japan.

Skin ConditionerEssential.

Flora Drip.

Infinesse White Whitening Pump Milk.

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