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Scoozi Urban Pizza adds fusion twists to its repertoire

You read the headline right. Under the new management of Destination Eats, Scoozi, which has been around since 1997, adds Urban Pizza into its title and new Asia-inspired toppings to its menu. If you think putting pineapple on pizza is blasphemous, you may want to stop reading now since what follows is all about Asian-esque pizzas that the Italian restaurant chain offers.

I tried Scoozi's new pizzas at its latest branch in EmQuartier's Helix building where you can enjoy a slice with a beautiful view of the 100m-long spiral vertical garden, aka the Rainforest Chandelier, and the indoor pool down below. Chef Arnie Marcella, who grew up in an Italian-American neighbourhood in NYC and has 20 years in the business, is responsible for introducing new flavours inspired by Asian cuisines.

The Chinese in me perks up when I see Peking style duck pizza (B450). The flavour of smoked duck breast comes through amid the delicious blend of mozzarella and sweet-and-salty hoisin sauce. Slices of prik chee fah (long red pepper) and scallions add aromatic sparks for good measure.

Peking style duck pizza.

Nam prink aong / pad kaprao moo pizza.

Seafood okonomiyaki pizza (B450) is a white pizza loaded with Japanese ingredients. White as in a type of pizza served sans tomato sauce, not as in a white person's food. The absence of tomato sauce isn't a problem as it still has many things you can enjoy from bonito flakes, togarashi, nori, rocket leaves on top of the squid-and-prawn base. Sriracha aioli adds some zest to the dish but I could have used more of it.

It makes sense to turn nam prink aong into pizza topping as it feels like a distant cousin to bolognese and Scoozi's take on it (B380) retains the four S's of northern Thai dip -- sweet, salty, sour and spicy -- with the addition of mozzarella to complement them. For something higher on the Scoville scale, Pad kaprao moo pizza (B400) and Seafood pad kee mao pizza (B420) shouldn't disappoint. They both offer fragrant holy basil and spiciness as they should. Kee mao impressed me more with young peppercorns that burst in my mouth but the spicy sensation is offset by mozzarella and tomato sauce.

If you want to try more than one topping in one order, you can opt for half-and-half option with price ranges from B250 to B495. Of course, you pay for the price of topping that is higher. IMO, Scoozi doesn't introduce new flavours for the sake of being different or gimmicky. Sure you can find kaprao and kee mao flavours at some other pizza places too but Scoozi seems to create these new flavours with care, and not as novelty fillers on the menu.

If you feel the price tag is too high (I do too), consider taking advantage of their buy-one-get-one promotion for delivery or takeaway orders only, which runs until Sunday. Order one dish off the menu and get another whose price is equal or lower through their 1227 number from 11am-9pm.


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