Sir David wants you to save the planet

Photo: BBC Studios 2020

Following Sir David Attenborough's incredible five-part natural history series, A Perfect Planet, which premiered on BBC Earth and BBC Player last month, BBC Earth is building on the appetite for more inspiration and tips on caring for the planet with a dedicated Eco Season.

Every Sunday through March 28 on BBC Earth (TrueVisions Channel 568 and 3BB Channel 503), viewers can learn more and be inspired to create everyday change through special programmes scheduled within the Eco Season, which will kick off with a special episode, Extinction: The Facts.

This 60-minute investigation allows viewers to dive deeper into the perils faced by the planet's delicate forces and species, with Sir David Attenborough at the helm. Viewers can familiarise themselves with the science behind wildlife's unprecedented rate of decline, extinction's industrial and man-made causes, the consequences of inaction, and the steps all humans can take to create a healthy new world.

To further share the knowledge with the next generation -- who hold the power to effect change and create a better future for themselves -- viewers across Thailand can catch the livestream of Extinction: The Facts for free on BBC Earth's Facebook page ( this Saturday at 8pm.

The livestream, subtitled in Thai, allows early access for a wider audience before the BBC Earth broadcast on Sunday at 10.15pm.

Other programmes lined up during the Eco Season include natural history programming icons such as Feast To Save The Planet; Blue Planet Revisited; 7.7 Billion People And Counting; Climate Change: The Facts; Drowning In Plastic and Meat: A Threat To Our Planet?.


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