Come see how virtual reality can change human communication

(Photo courtesy of Japan Foundation)

Despite travel restrictions, we can still virtually communicate via brain waves. Well, this is what is being suggested in "Short Circuit -- Lunartic Dream And Princess Kaguya", a work-in-progress exhibition running at Base Playhouse, 2nd floor of Samyan Mitrtown, Rama IV Road, until March 15.

A collaboration by the Japan Foundation Bangkok, Freak Lab Thailand and Fablab Hamamatsu/Take-Space, the exhibition aims to experiment with how we communicate and interact through virtual reality and brain waves.

Viewers will be digitally transported to an adventure on the Moon where they will plan a rescue mission with their friends via virtual-reality exploration and modify the land conditions using an interactive augmented-reality moon sandbox.

The exhibition is inspired by Japanese folklore about Princess Kaguya who is from the Moon but is raised on Earth and so beautiful that it attracts the emperor of Japan.

After revealing her celestial origins to the emperor, she returns to the Moon. At the Von Karman crater on the dark side of the Moon, the princess falls into senescence, leaving her memory only as rocky remnants to be terraformed into a primordial soup to bring her back to life.

At the end of their journey, participants will have their memory printed as a three-dimensional form using brain waves and Moon dust. A sample of plant experimentation with lab-grade lunar regolith and primordial soup will be displayed at the exhibition.

The exhibition will be presented in English and Thai from noon to 6pm on weekdays and 7pm to 9pm on weekends. There is no admission fee.

Three free workshops will be offered: "The Moon Represents My Mind: 3D Print Memory From Brain Waves" on Saturday; "How To Survive On Any Side Of The Moon?: Terraforming The Moon" on Sunday; and "Dancing In The (Primordial) Soup: Mix Reality Dance On Moon And Mars Gravity" on March 14 -- from 7pm to 8.30pm.

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