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Coconut & lemongrass panna cotta. (Photos: Matter Makers)

Thai streetwear brand, Matter Makers has recently launched its new collection "Matter Club" dedicated to athleisure apparel (a hybrid of sports clothing and loungewear), for people working from home to have fun dressing up while being comfortable.

The special feature is the blurring of gender boundaries. The clothes come in a wide range of sizes and colours and can be mixed and matched to the customer's liking. Guru spoke to Romrujee Chuaiprasit, head of design, and Disaya Sorakraikitikul, design director, about the new collection.

What makes Matter Makers different from other street brands?

Romrujee: Our approach to design lies under the concept 'ex-cool-sive', which as you might guess is meant to be 'exclusive' and 'cool'. Our clothing encompasses elements of sportswear and street fashion, but we have also injected more femininity into our clothes to create a distinct style.

Disaya: Increasing the element of femininity in our design has allowed us to reach a wider audience, which, regardless of gender, seeks more of such an aesthetic in clothing these days.

How has being Thai influenced your vision and collection?

Romrujee: Thai people are naturally very resilient and flexible. These qualities have allowed us to produce designs for any situation that society faces. In the current situation, many are working from home, so we wanted to provide customers with a way to dress comfortably, yet stylishly while they're home.

What is your fashion philosophy now as opposed to when you started the brand?

Romrujee: Our design philosophy remains the same, all our clothes allow the people wearing them to make a statement because they have bold designs. However, we are producing a wider range of products to appeal to a larger audience.

Disaya: We are also producing more casual and everyday-wear items that are less gender-specific, so to encourage wearers to experiment with their creativity.

Tell us about the 'Matter Club' collection that was launched earlier this month.

Romrujee: The new collection primarily features athleisure wear that can be worn by anyone, regardless of genders. It combines sportswear and lounge clothes. There are hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, Hawaii shirts, French Terry shorts, track pants and jogger pants, in various colours and sizes. Each colour compliments the others, so there is an opportunity for customers to have fun mixing and matching items from all over the collection and across all the colours available.

What are some of the pieces we should be looking out for?

Disaya: We have a limited edition of Hawaiian shirts that come in a number of colours and exude different moods depending on the colour. Customers might also find some of the details in our limited edition item interesting. For example, if we produce only 75 pieces of an item, a customer will be able to see a serial number on the label of his purchased item that indicates where it lies in the sequence of production.

What are the current and upcoming fashion trends?

Romrujee: Loungewear is gaining popularity. People desire comfort and fun in clothing that is also chic. The new collection 'Matter Club' fits with this trend quite well.

Disaya: However, I predict that the current trend will change drastically once the pandemic ends. People would be able to go out again in full force and this could motivate them to make bolder fashion choices as a result of newfound optimism and freedom.

"Matter Club" collection is available at Matter Makers' flagship stores in Gaysorn Village, Siam Paragon, Central Festival Eastville, Emporium and the brand's official website

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