The Body Shop gives you lemons

The Body Shop Lemon Purifying​ Hand Wash, left, and Purifying Face Wash.

The Body Shop has squeezed liquid sunshine for zesty vegan products used in a two-step routine.

The liquid sunshine refers to lemon essential oil -- the key ingredient in the new Lemon range.

Lemon trees are native to Asia, and both the yellow fruit and essential oil have been long used in Ayurvedic medicine for various health problems.

Extracted from fresh lemon peel, the essential oil lends uplifting aromatherapy. Its antibacterial, astringent and other properties make it good for the skin, and so its use as a cosmetic ingredient.

The Lemon range features purifying products for face, hair, body and hands, used in the first intense cleansing step.

Lemon Purifying Face Wash also contains soothing organic aloe vera from Mexico, sustainably sourced by The Body Shop under its community trade programme, launched in 1987.

Since 1994, the British brand has been using community fair trade shea butter from Ghana. The moisturising ingredient is enriched with the invigorating essential oil in Lemon Protecting Hand & Body Lotion with a rich and creamy texture.

The hydrating lotion is applied in the second step, to help counteract drying effects of external aggressors.

Hair also needs protection, and Lemon Caring & Purifying Hair Mist is a formula with a refreshing citrus scent to spritz on tresses.

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