Your horoscope for 16-22 Apr

Your spot-on horoscope for work, money, couples & singles from the Bangkok Post's famously accurate fortune teller. Let's see how will you fare this week & beyond!

Note: (⛹) is for work, (฿) is for money, (♥) is for coupled life and (⚤) is for single life

♈ Aries

Mar 21 – Apr 19

(⛹) You get things done quicker and may finish several tasks before their deadlines. You maintain your main job and side hustle well. First jobbers, you soon will be able to adapt to the real world.

(฿) You manage to reduce your living cost. You may win a lucky draw. It may not be the highest prize but it's the prize you like, nonetheless.

(♥) Couples are so busy with their work that they don't get to spend romantic time with each other much. An unplanned pregnancy forces unmarried couples to discuss wedding.

(⚤) If you go on a solo trip or a workation, someone may approach and ask you for your contact deets, in a cute way.

♉ Taurus

Apr 20 – May 20

(⛹) You'll experience a few days of holiday blues but eventually will get with the programme before the next week ends. Your supervisor may ask if you would like to spearhead a new campaign.   

(฿) If you plan to go out to several places this weekend, make sure you don't leave anything behind. After the weekend, an older friend tells you about a good money-making opportunity.

(♥) Couples don't get to be sweet and romantic with each other due to their busy schedules. Parents, your child may show her/his talent and you decide to set aside some money to nurture that.

(⚤) Someone who's much younger than you is attracted to you. The age difference doesn't really matter much as you're pretty down with the kids.

♉ Gemini

May 21 – Jun 20

(⛹) Your work plan goes smoothly and your boss is impressed by your productivity and the quality of your work. You may be rewarded with more power and manpower. Job seekers, you may be offered a position that pays well and fulfils you.

(฿) You may gain a source of passive income. If you applied for financial support of some kind, you're likely to receive it. If you're trying to launch a new product, you'll finally receive enough funding to do so.

(♥) Spouses argue more over the management of their shared wealth. Don't let anger get the better of you. Your relationship is worth way more than that.    

(⚤) Several people slide into your DMs but you're not into any of them. Don't string someone along just because you love receiving attention.

♋ Cancer

Jun 21 – Jul 22

(⛹) You don't experience post-vacation blues and get back to the grind without any difficulty. A small thing (or two) may go wrong but you don't let it frustrate you. The boss may give you more power but a colleague (or two) likes you less.

(฿) You make enough money to pay your own bills and those of the people who rely on you. You have less time to think about spending money, thanks to your new side hustle.

(♥) Couples who run a business together should not let their disagreement as co-owners negatively affect their relationship. A family activity may leave you inspired and re-energised.     

(⚤) Someone may ask you out on a date in a way that's so funny/creative that you can't say no. The good news is that s/he is really that way.

♌ Leo

Jul 23 – Aug 22

(⛹) Office politics may become intense. Two office biggies may openly be at war, casting a dark cloud over the office. You may be affected by this but you should stay laser-focused on what you need to get done.  

(฿) You keep up with your repayment obligation if you have any. If you're unemployed, you may receive a job offer that you want but you should negotiate for higher pay.

(♥) Couples learn to compromise on things they usually disagree on. If you're having trouble making a decision, your partner can offer some advice.

(⚤) You're attracted to a foreigner and s/he is so to you. The language barrier isn't much of a challenge for you two to get to know each other.

♍ Virgo

Aug 23 – Sept 22

(⛹) Make the most of this weekend so you feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything that's thrown at you. You may have to fix a mistake that happened because someone lied.  

(฿) You may fall behind with your savings goal 'cause you have to pay for something unexpectedly. Make sure you properly file for tax returns the first time so there won't be any complications later.

(♥) You may tell a few white lies to spare your partner's feelings. They will be forgotten in a day and have no lasting impact on your relationship.  

(⚤) You may have gone on a few dates with someone and they went well. However, s/he isn't ready to make the relationship official yet due to past bad experiences.

♎ Libra

Sept 23 – Oct 22

(⛹) You may make a mistake but you'll be able to resolve it before it causes real damage. The boss respects you for owning up to it and still trusts you. It'll be a lesson learnt that stays with you for years to come.

(฿) Business owners and freelancers have no time to slack off. You may have to finish one task after another but the huge paycheque makes it worth your while.

(♥) A thing or two on your date night may go wrong. It may even get cancelled due to a family emergency. However, you'll have an opportunity to make it up to your partner later.

(⚤) You may realise that the person you're talking to is also interested in few more people. S/he may be stringing you along.

♏ Scorpio

Oct 23 – Nov 21

(⛹) If you're an office junior, you may have an opportunity to prove those who underestimate you wrong. The boss may be so impressed that s/he gives you more power.

(฿) A money-making opportunity may be yours especially if you work in education or senior care. An unexpected expense causes you to fall behind on your savings plan, but not by much.

(♥) Frequent comments from a friend may cause your partner to become jealous. You try to accept a quirk of your partner that you find a bit annoying.

(⚤) Someone who's already off the market may flirt with you. The best you'll get out of this situation is being the person on the side.

♐ Sagittarius

Nov 22 – Dec 21

(⛹) You act as a coordinator between different departments brilliantly, making sure everyone works towards a common goal and all deadlines are met. You may go on a short trip to do research for a new project.

(฿) You may put a down payment on your new car. Investors, your portfolio may generate more returns than expected.  

(♥) Couples bicker and banter in moderation. Although you two are busy, you manage to find time to spend downtime together.

(⚤) You may finally get over your ex and start believing in love again. This time, you know what you really want in a lover.

♑ Capricorn

Dec 22 – Jan 19

(⛹) A technical error or missing paperwork may delay several of your tasks. Focus on other things that you can do while waiting for the issue to be resolved. Your proposal is well-thought-out but the decision-maker doesn't seem to like it.

(฿) You make more money but you have to work hard for every extra baht. An opportunity you missed out on may come back to your life.

(♥) Couples argue over the same old things. If you're in LDR, someone may try to ask you out even though they know that you're already taken.

(⚤) It doesn't take you long to know that you really like someone or not. You may decide to stop using dating apps for a while as you yearn for meaningful conversation.

♒ Aquarius

Jan 20 – Feb 18

(⛹) You may have to alter your work plan because something unexpected happens. Make sure you communicate your messages clearly or else a mistake may happen. Face-to-face talk is the best option here.  

(฿) Your loan/mortgage application is likely to be approved. Your debtor finally pays back all that they owe you.

(♥) Couples put more work into their relationship. Good news awaits couples who are trying to conceive or looking to adopt a child.

(⚤) Someone who has been playing hard to get with you will finally give up the pretence. S/he may even be extra nice to make up for the way s/he treated you.

♓ Pisces

Feb 19 – Mar 20

(⛹) You may be asked to do something you haven't done before. Take it as an opportunity to learn new things and grow. You may be offered a new job but you'll have to relocate if you accept it.

(฿) You spend every baht with good reason. You work long hours and think about spending less. A wealthy person may offer you a freelance job on the condition that you can't claim credit for it.

(♥) If you've been harbouring a secret, come clean with your partner now or wait to be exposed and shamed. Either way, your parents will stand by you.

(⚤) If you haven't completely gotten over your ex, don't start a new relationship with someone even if s/he asks you to.