Raise your eyebrows

Foolproof Brow Powder with the light-to-dark shades mimicking the gradual look of natural brows.

Thanks to a virtual try-on, Benefit Cosmetics demonstrates the transformative power of eyebrows. By taking and uploading a photo, one can see how varying brow styles and shades can make a big difference.

Brows are one of the telltale signs of youth, and grooming them can be the simplest way to take years off the face.

Benefit has been obsessed about brows since it was founded in 1976 by the Ford twins, Jean and Jane, in San Francisco.

Understanding how applying cosmetics can be a complicated process, the former models developed practical beauty solutions housed in playful packaging to make them fun to use.

Today, the extensive range of brow make-up products include Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil and Foolproof Brow Powder for beginners.

Thin or skimpy brows require more sophisticated conditioning and styling by using Browvo! primer containing keratin and soy proteins and Gimme Brow+ volumising gel with tiny microfibres.

Brow Microfilling Pen, Gimme Brow+ and Precisely, My Brow Pencil.

Designed for a microbladed effect, the new Brow Microfilling Pen features a three-prong tip with the three different lengths imparting ultra-fine lines to mimic natural brow hair. The ink-like formula blends in with existing hairs, fills in gaps and gives the brows a fuller-looking appearance.

Likewise, Precisely, My Brow Pencil can be used to draw natural-looking, hair-like strokes in filling and defining brows.

Lastly, 24-Hour Brow Setter clear gel enhances the staying power of the brow make-up previously applied.

Benefit encourages brow styling as an integral part of the make-up routine.

The American brand also delivers professional waxing and styling services at the Brow Bar located at its cosmetics counters.

A session begins with a consultation and brow mapping to identify three points: the start, the highest point of the arch and the end.

The mapping brings out the best shape for framing the eyes and balancing the face. Waxing is combined with plucking, which does the precision work to get the required shape. Styling products are then used to complete the brow makeover, which is an instant beauty solution to open and lift the entire eye area for a fresher look.

The professional grooming can be a monthly engagement, and in-between, brows need daily attention in maintaining the attractive arches through the DIY make-up routine.

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