Home-cooked delights

Chim Chim Bangkok's delivery menu is a fine selection of Western favourites and breakfast dishes that are as delicious after being brought to your door

The gravlax salmon pizza with mozzarella and sour cream.

This new wave of Covid-19 transmissions that began a few weeks ago struck just when we thought our world had gone back to normal.

Diners had already resumed their habits of eating out as takeaway seemed to have lost its charm. Restaurants were also up and running in and offering new promotions and fine menus.

However, little did I expect that my Eating In column would have to be brought back.

Over the past several months, I -- just like many of my friends -- have been no stranger to ordering in but takeaway and delivery has become so common that it feels mundane.

However, not all order-in experiences are mediocre.

Chim Chim Bangkok's takeaway actually proved to be review worthy.

Housemade raginette pasta with beef shank ragu.

Located at Siam@Siam Design Hotel, Chim Chim is an art-inspired restaurant serving comfort cafe food and creative beverages.

Its dine-in menu features an 80-item selection of Western home-cooked favourites and all-day breakfast dishes prepared with mostly organic and seasonal local produce.

The delivery menu, available via Line @chimchimbangkok, is two-thirds the size of the regular menu. It's a thoughtful collection of dishes that still retain their delicious quality even after being on the road. The dishes are mostly breakfast platters, salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, coffee and smoothies.

My order from Chim Chim arrived five minutes before the scheduled time of 5pm on Monday.

The Hawaiian poke salad with tuna, ice plants and ponzu-soy vinagrette.

In brown paper bags were some of the delivery's best sellers -- a Breakfast Burrito (330 baht), a Hoki Poke Salad (390 baht), a raginette pasta with beef shank ragu (400 baht) and a Gravlax & Cream pizza (260 baht) -- all of which were packed for practicality.

Customers won't be confused trying to match condiments with dishes, nor reheating if needed.

Chim Chim's version of the Hawaiian poke salad starred sashimi-grade tuna and ice plants with ponzu-soy vinaigrette.

It was a heavenly balance between naturally sweet taste and suppleness of the diced raw fish, an extraordinarily crispy crunch and mild briny tang of the crystalline vegetable and tangy zest of the citrus-infused dressing.

The Breakfast Burrito with scrambled eggs, Sloane's fennel sausage, American cheddar cheese, jalapenos, avocado and tomato salsa.

The raginette was a fresh homemade, ribbon-shaped pasta with a generous helping of braised beef shank in thick ragout sauce with grated Parmesan cheese garnish.

Meanwhile, the 10-inch gravlax pizza featured a white topping of mozzarella and sour cream with purple onion slices, fresh sprigs of dill and six pieces of cured salmon on the side for diners to easily assemble. The bread crust was made with 48-hour leavened sourdough and baked in a charcoal heated oven to offer a gummy pleasure beneath the crispy bite.

I saved the burrito and its accompanying side salad for the next day.

Even after being in the fridge overnight, the chubby, tightly-wrapped burrito -- so hefty it fed my son and me for lunch -- still exhibited a delicious unification of scrambled free-range eggs, Sloane's fennel sausage, American cheddar cheese, jalapenos, avocado and fresh tomato salsa in a house-made flour tortilla.

Several other items that I hadn't tried before also sounded interesting.

I had my eyes on a Triple Leaves & Blue Cheese salad (280 baht) whose description includes okra, cha-muang (Garcenia cowa), red maple leaves, Chiang Rai crumbled blue cheese, shaved almond and fresh figs; and a kale Caesar with Parmesan-dusted kale crisps and anchovies (350 baht).

Pizza connoisseurs are spoilt for choice here also as there are more than a dozen options and none of them is run-of-the-mill.

Expect to find toppings such as Potato, Pesto & Garlic (240 baht), Mushroom Truffle (499 baht), Mascarpone & Parma Ham (280 baht), Five Cheese with walnuts and honey (270 baht) and Chorizo & Scamorza (280 baht).

In the sandwich category, there is BBQ rib-eye Panino with onion jam (370 baht) and Japanese-styled chicken sando burger with sour cream dill mayo and cranberry sauce (320 baht).

Various side dishes are available between 90 baht to 120 baht. Options include sweet potato fries, Chef's Salad, truffle mashed potato and seasonal vegetables.

It's also never a bad idea to order some of Chim Chim's speciality drinks.

My order of Jungle Green Tea (130 baht) and P.O.M. smoothie (150 baht) arrived in a fresh-from-the-bar condition. The first was a mixture of very mild green tea and kaffir lime infusion which I wasn't impressed with. The second, a frosty concoction of fresh mango, passion fruit and orange juice, was luscious to the last drop.

Chai tea with fresh mango (130 baht) and mint mocha frappe (130 baht) are now on my wish list.

Chim Chim's takeaways are also available through third-party delivery service providers including Grab Food, Line Man and Foodpanda.

Service hours are between 8.30am-10 pm. Pick-up is welcome at Chim Chim Bangkok, the ground floor of Siam@Siam Design Hotel on Rama 1 Road, near BTS National Stadium. For more information, call 02-217-3000 or LINE: @chimchimbangkok.