Clearing up confusion about fah talai jone

There has been a surge in demand for the traditional Thai herb fah talai jone (Andrographis paniculata) since the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic with the herb selling out in several provinces.

This herb has been in the spotlight after a recent study by the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine showed that it can cure Covid-19 patients who have mild symptoms and are asymptomatic.

Also known as green chireta, the traditional cold medicine has long been used to cure the flu, sore throat and inflammation in Thailand and Asian countries. Currently, the department has conducted more research by prescribing the medicine to Covid-19 positive people at Thammasat University Field Hospital. The results have yet to be concluded.

However, there are misunderstandings about the properties of fah talai jone. Many people believe that it can be taken to prevent a Covid-19 infection and some believe that it's safe to be taken in a large amount as it's a herb.

That's why the department has recently launched the Fah Talai Jone Hotline to clarify misconceptions and answer all questions people might have about the medicine.

The hotline can be found on three channels. People can send questions via and through Line Official Account: @DTAM or simply call 065-504-5678.

(Photo courtesy of Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine)