Dr Rienthong Nanna needs your help

The field hospital is expected to open within this week. (Photo courtesy of Mongkutwattana Hospital)

The Covid-19 situation is worrying. The number of infected cases is soaring amid concerns that there will not be enough space at hospitals. This is why Dr Rienthong Nanna, owner and director of Mongkutwattana General Hospital, decided to urgently set up a level-3 field hospital especially for Covid-19 patients in moderate to critical condition.

According to his message on Facebook, this field hospital will comprise a 48-bed ICU unit fully equipped with ventilators and other critical care medical equipment, and a 256-bed patient ward for those with pneumonia which can possibly progress to severe respiratory problems. And, in time of need, this patient ward can be turned into another ICU unit.

The project is now in progress with the medical gas pipeline system, ventilators, patient monitors and other necessary equipment expected to be in place for the ICU unit within this week.

When completed, this field hospital will accept infected patients with moderate to severe symptoms who are transferred from general state and private hospitals, field hospitals or hospitels.

Even though Mongkutwattana Hospital is a privately-run hospital with its own financial budget, the doctor still needs a lot of money to accomplish this project as soon as possible.

Interested people can donate money via bank transfer to Siam Commercial Bank account named "Mongkutwattana Hospital for Patients with Serious Diseases", account number 273-241279-5.

Call 02-574-5000 ext 8800.