Harnessing the spirit of the majestic peacock

The mystical and magnificent peacock is the focal theme of "The Colours Of Splendour" collection that will be showcased at Lotus Arts de Vivre's flagship boutique at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, Ratchadamri Road, from Thursday.

A prancing peacock clutch. photos courtesy of Lotus Arts de Vivre

Reflecting the brilliant craftsmanship of artisans, the collection comprises jewellery, accessories, objets d'arts and home decor items inspired by the legends surrounding the plumed bird and several mythological references across cultures.

Highly regarded in both Eastern and Western traditions, the peacock was the symbol of the Ming Dynasty in China, representing divinity, rank, power and beauty. It is also associated with the benevolent and protective Bodhisattva Guan Yin, who transforms evil into goodness.

In India, peacock feathers adorn the Hindu god Krishna's crown -- the feathers symbolise purity and divinity. In Europe, the peacock found reflection in Christian and Byzantine art both as a symbol of rebirth and the resurrection of Christ.

All of these traditions are distilled into the exquisitely handcrafted jewellery for this collection. Modern, dramatic, and ultra-luxe, the peacock-inspired pieces include earrings, rings, necklaces and a brooch. Each piece incorporates the bird's feather highlighted with precious gems, including Golconda diamonds, rubies, pearls and Mexican abalone shell.

For handbags, the peacock motif is made from precious gems and peacock feathers. The focus is a beautiful peacock ornamented with an array of diamonds and tsavorites and elegantly designed head-crests. Lined with silk, each handbag and clutch contains a special surprise -- a silk envelope enclosing an antique Japanese comb.

A courting teak wood peacock bowl. Lotus Arts de Vivre

For home decoration, the collection combines free-form ebony wood, peacock feathers, ruby, sterling silver, agate and high-quality abalone shell to create a whole host of objet d'arts.

One of the most admirable pieces is a peacock sculpture designed from a single piece of free-form Ebony wood. The key features -- the head, beak and feet accented with sterling silver, actual peacock feathers for the tail, beautiful head-crests and turquoise set on the eyes -- bring the piece to life.

The official launch of the peacock collection will be streamed live on Lotus Arts de Vivre's Facebook page: facebook.com/LotusArtsdeVivre on Thursday from 8pm.

Visit lotusartsdevivre.com.

Shimmering iridescence abalone shell peacock earrings. Lotus Arts de Vivre

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