Four films by Gabriel Retes to be screened for free

The virtual film festival will present five iconic movies by Gabriel Retes. photo courtesy of Embassy of Mexico

The Embassy of Mexico is inviting the general audience to a virtual film festival and film dialogue, which is being organised to pay tribute to Mexican filmmaker Gabriel Retes, from today until SaturdayJune 21-26.

Held under the theme "The Rebel. Homage To Gabriel Retes" by the Mexican Cultural Diplomacy Executive Directorate in collaboration with Retes Arts, a civil association that manages his legacy, the festival is screening five iconic films, each of which will come with a talk.

Opening the virtual film festival today at 10pm (Bangkok time) will be El Bulto (Excess Baggage) a comedy/drama starring Retes, his father, his son Juan Claudio, his daughter Gabriela, his mother, and his wife Elizarrarás.

Hailed as one of the best Mexican films, it tells the story of Lauro (Retes) who wakes up after being in a coma for 20 years and has to confront the realities of a very different country two decades later. The film marked an international feat for the director, screening in numerous international film festivals and winning multiple awards.

The other four movies featured in the festival include:

-  Bienvenido (Welcome)

The poignant and bilingual meta-comedy chronicles the making of a low budget film on the effects of Aids on a marriage. The film also starred Retes, his wife, and his son. It received the third prize for Best Film at the Havana Film Festival, Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Gramado Film Festival in Brazil, and four awards at Mexico's Ariel Awards.

- La Revolución Y Los Artistas (The Revolution And The Artists)

A romance between the painters and writers. Dr Atl and Nahui Olin grow up in the 20s, the golden age of Mexican art, when the seeds of modern art and education were planted.

-  Nuevo Mundo (New World)

Having been banned for 20 years, the drama tells the story of a priest set in 16th century Mexico who converted the local pagan population to Christianity by making a statue of the Virgin Mary resembling a native woman.

- Náufragos Del Liguria (The Castaways Of Liguria)

This is an engaging adventure story about a small group of shipwrecked people who find themselves in danger on a deserted island.

All movies are in Spanish with English subtitles. There is no viewing fee. Visit

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