Make merit on the run

Running for an hour is equal to 900 calorie credits. (Photo: Pornprom Satrabhaya)

Exercising is not only good for your health but can now also open up an opportunity for making merit with a new fitness campaign.

"Calories Credit Fit Chuai Mo" is the name of the project. It means staying fit and using calorie credits to help doctors. The idea was initiated by the Senate Committee on Sports and Thailand Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Association. The aim is to encourage people to stay in good health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can stay fit by exercising. Every exercise activity will be roughly calculated for calorie credits. Every 1 million calorie credits accumulated by the project will be turned into one unit of a high-flow oxygen therapy machine for donating to a hospital that needs the equipment for helping Covid-19 patients.

The target is to get about 5,000 participants and 5 million calorie credits within 50 days in order to donate the machines to five hospitals.

The 'Calories Credit Fit Chuai Mo' Line Mini App. photos courtesy of Samplink

To join the campaign, you need to add the Line ID of the project (@caloriecredit) and fill in a registration form. The information will be your profile. Then you can choose activities from the "Calories Burn" button. It will pop up a list of 14 activities such as gardening, cleaning the house, walking, cycling or surfskating. (Be honest with your activity or workout because the programme does not track your movement from any health app).

After clicking on the activity, the programme will ask you to choose a period you spend on the exercise. Choices start from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. The programme will show your burned calories. The last step is to press the confirm button to send the calorie credits to the campaign. The result of your exercise will be collected together with other participants. Every time you submit your burned calories, you will know how soon one hospital will receive a high-flow oxygen therapy machine.

The "Calories Credit Fit Chuai Mo" programme was developed by Samplink, the software developer for Line Mini App, a web application that runs on Line.

The project was launched this week and has more than 1,000 participants, according to Parintorn Kunatatorn, COO and co-founder of Samplink.

Within a few days, total credits have reached more than 500,000 calories. More burned calories are needed. You can help by joining the "Calories Credit Fit Chuai Mo" campaign from now until Aug 10.

The QR Code for joining 'Calories Credit Fit Chuai Mo'. Samplink

For more information, visit or call 094-697-9553.

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