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Lamphu Kansanoh, one of the most notable artists of the contemporary art world, will showcase a collection of her signature big-headed caricatures during "Hed Nai Sing Tee Cheu (Do What You Believe)", which will kick off today and run until July 25, on the 3rd floor of Central: The Original Store, Charoen Krung Road.

Caricatures by Lamphu Kansanoh. photo courtesy of Central

Known for creating fun and colourful paintings with quick brush strokes, Lamphu will bring a total of 11 oil-on-canvas paintings that touch on the power of belief that drives people to create a sense of strong morale to face and accomplish whatever they want.

The exhibition aims to reflect on our society by telling the story of how most people have their own beliefs regardless of whether there is a good reason to support them or how society defines them. Sometimes they know and see the truth in front of them but still choose to believe what they want.

The same goes for the artist herself who believes that ghosts can fool her only at night. Even though she has never seen such things in her life, she is still afraid of ghosts and chooses to deceive herself with fear because of what she believes.

Featuring unique characters with accurate colour skills, Lamphu's paintings are plastered with humour, teasing the wheels of social satire and current affairs. She combines straightforward expressions communicated through the characteristics of the face of the person in the picture with underlying humour and sarcasm.

Exclusively at this exhibition, Lamphu's first art book containing photos of her works will be available, limited to 10 copies.

There is no admission fee. Visit central.theoriginalstore or call 02-267-0412.

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