Uniqlo's new collection lets you feel your body

Collaborations between Uniqlo and Hana Tajima began in 2015 as an extension of the Japanese brand's LifeWear concept. The first collection was designed for more relaxed and comfortable wear under the modest fashion concept.

Themed as "An Environment For The Body", the Hana Tajima for Uniqlo 2021 Fall/Winter Collection is a line-up of flowing, comfortable silhouettes and soft textiles that create an elegant form.

"I was really interested in the idea of clothing as a sort of environment for our bodies and considered how things feel when they're worn. Also, through good design, we can really create a sense of connection to ourselves," said the UK-born fashion designer. "These clothes are meant to be worn and lived in and that's really where that intersection with Uniqlo's philosophy of LifeWear comes in. I want people wearing these clothes to feel that sense of connection to their bodies and to themselves."

The silhouettes have been refined to provide more comfort and elegance while the fabrics promote a sense of flowing movement. Careful attention to transitions and seams create clean lines and further comfort. The high-neck shirt, for example, features details to deliver new levels of comfort for this type of garment while adding bias panels at the waist helps to give a sense of ease for body movement.

"I'm always really drawn to natural fabrics and fibres that allow the skin to breathe and for this season, I wanted a sense of fluidity and to have fabrics that move really beautifully with the body," added the New York-based Tajima.

Examining our familiar environments and finding ways to improve them is a matter of modern life. Likewise, clothing as an environment should provide a fit and comfort that easily conforms to change and Tajima has designed the pieces to adapt to various transitions throughout the day.

Set for launch this Friday, the new collection will be available online at Uniqlo.com.

UK-born fashion designer Hana Tajima. (Photos courtesy of UNIQLO)

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