New website makes it easy to donate food

Volunteers prepare meals for the needy. (Photo courtesy of Raotongrod campaign)

It is often said that challenging times push the human mind to think, explore, design and create. Here is a good example of how a group of kind-hearted people have used adversity to spark creativity and come up with something benevolent to society.

After seeing how many people have been unable to make ends meet and are not getting food to eat after being forced out of work, a group of volunteers has created, a Thai-language website, which acts as a facilitator for three groups of people.

It connects infected people or those at high-risk who don't have access to food and water; people who want to help donate food but don't know who to approach; and small restaurants and eateries that are struggling because they cannot sell food and make adequate income due to recent government restrictions.

The platform makes it easy for generous people to contribute as it presents many food requests, each of which details how many boxes are needed by which community in the next few days and which restaurant is ready to prepare the meals.

The total cost of the meals is shown and you can choose to absorb the whole amount or only part of it via money transfer to the bank account provided. The name and contact number of a co-ordinator for each mission are also available.

Launched two weeks ago, the platform is an extension of the raotongrod (which literally means "we will get through this together") campaign on Facebook, which was initiated in late April by a group of volunteers to provide assistance to people affected by the pandemic.

As of July 31, the project has delivered more than 12,000 food boxes to communities all over Bangkok.


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