Virtual consultations available on the Good Doctor app

Due to a rise in infections every day, medical personnel are working against time and some hospitals are limiting patient relocation or allocating capacity to critical cases. The Good Doctor application is promoting itself as a new solution for the health-conscious, tech-savvy customer, by providing telemedicine services from a group of specially trained doctors who conduct virtual consultations.

With a telemedicine licence from the Bureau of Sanatorium and Art of Healing, the application has adopted the online-and-offline approach so that patients can follow up with a physical consultation at the clinic after their teleconsultation.

"As a regional telemedicine provider, Good Doctor Technology Thailand benefits from best practice learning and experiences from other countries where our services are already in operation. We're able to provide better services to more Thai patients using cutting-edge technology and digital health advances," said Dr Sudhichai Chokekijchai, head of the medical team at Good Doctor Technology Thailand.

"With the group's collective operating experience of over 12 million users in Indonesia and technology expertise from China, we can create a bespoke service that meets the healthcare needs of digitally savvy Thai users."

Designed to give users access to high-quality medical services, these features will complement existing in-app offerings like arranging for timely prescription medicine delivery to patients and making appointment reservations easier.

Upon logging into the app, the user will be connected to Good Doctor's in-house doctors within 60 seconds to complete their virtual consultation and receive a diagnosis or treatment recommendation with prescription-grade medication electronically transacted from the e-pharmacy within 15 minutes. Their medications will be delivered to their homes in less than 60 minutes.

GDT Thailand is working directly with corporations to introduce healthcare services to their employees like Covid-19 monitoring and home-based screening capabilities, which are already available to existing users.

"With the launch of our telemedicine and digital health services in Thailand, we want to provide our users with access to an additional source of medically backed health and wellness tools where they can receive healthcare services at their fingertips," said Melvin Vu, regional CEO of Good Doctor Technology.

"We hope that by working closely with local industry players such as governments, hospitals, doctors' associations and other key stakeholders, we can continue to play our role in shaping the future of digital health in Thailand."

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