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Lucky Panda's rebranding adds dine-in and new dishes

Panda bowl.

Chinese-American takeaway probably evokes either memories or curiosity: memories for those who travelled or lived in the US and discovered American-Chinese takeaway as a delicious and affordable option; curiosity for those who have never set foot in the US but have seen those signature white boxes in films or TV shows.

Lazy Panda brought all the above to Thai shores in 2019. Now, having learnt the ropes, they've rebranded as Lucky Panda and for good reason: they're changing their approach and offering a couple of new dishes, as well. Originally named Lazy Panda because they wanted customers who felt too lazy to cook to think of them when ordering food, owner James Au decided to shift gears and offer customers a dine-in experience. The new Lucky Panda restaurant is at Summer Point at BTS Phra Khanong.

If you haven't had the chance to try Lucky Panda, one of the best places to start is one of their customisable meals where you can choose from a number of rice and noodle dishes that can be paired with an appetiser or entrée. The Single meal (prices start at B200) is a sizable meal that is satisfying. If you prefer smaller portions, try the Panda Bowl (prices start at B140) or if you want something even bigger, go for the Combo meal (prices start at B240).

Mongolian beef.

Chow mein.

General Tao's chicken and Orange chicken.

Hong Kong-Style BBQ pork.

You're bound to find a dish to satisfy your cravings with their numerous offerings. While classics like General Tao's chicken (B270) and Orange chicken (B275) continue to be fan favourites, Lucky Panda has also added a few new ones.

The Beef chow mein (B275) has generous amounts of beef and veggies with noodles that are cooked just right, retaining that slight chewiness to them. The Mongolian beef (B320) is another new dish giving you a great mix of sautéed beef and onions that would go great with any of their various rice dishes (prices start at B75).

The entrées are definitely great but make sure not to sleep on any of their appetisers. The newly-added Hong Kong-style BBQ pork or char siu pork (B140) can be a great starter if you really want to lean into being a meat lover. On the other hand, you can also opt for Cheese puffs (B50) or Crab Rangoon (B65) for a crispy, cheesy treat.

Lucky Panda has made a name for bringing Chinese-American cuisine to Bangkok and for the longest time relied mainly on delivery and takeaway. It definitely stayed true to the whole concept of "Chinese takeaway". But now, they don't want to just serve customers through deliveries. They want to welcome and entertain them at a proper restaurant, and this isn't the first. A second location at Little Walk Bang Na is due to open sometime this month. This just means there are more locations for you to pay them a visit and give their generous, bang-for-the-buck menu a try.

Lucky Panda, Summer Point, Phra Khanong / Visit

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