Adopt a sarus crane nest for a good cause

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In collaboration with the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand and the Zoological Park Organisation, "Sarus Crane Nest Adoption" was established in 2018 to help both sarus cranes and farmers in Buri Ram whose crops are damaged by the birds nesting in their rice fields.

"Sarus Crane Nest Adoption" compensates farmers whose rice fields are chosen by sarus cranes as a nesting site as well as supports funding for sarus crane conservation activities such as nest monitoring by volunteers in Buri Ram. The project also encourages local people and farmers to engage in sarus crane conservation that will lead to a sustainable ecosystem.

After running the project for almost three years, 15 sarus cranes were born in nature and 21 nests have been adopted.

To support sarus crane conservation, farmers in a Buri Ram community have changed from chemical farming to organic farming. They have named jasmine rice which grows in natural habitats where the sarus cranes live as "Sarus Rice".

Nest adoption costs 6,500 baht for one year. Each donor will receive monthly and annual reports about the nest. Other partial support is also welcome but a donor will not receive progress reports.

Donors can donate through the savings account of the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand at TMB-Thanachart Bank, Ngamwongwan Branch -- Account No. 026-2-67477-3.

Visit or contact email: for more information.

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