Chinese artist presents 'Control' at Tang gallery

Tang Contemporary Art presents "Control", a new solo exhibition by young Chinese artist Li Erpeng who uses realist brushwork to depict an abstract spiritual world, until Oct 31.

On display are more than 20 acrylic paintings created during the past two years. The artist took inspiration from his imagination about the forms of life. He transfers living things invented in his mind onto the canvas, representing them as soft, energetic forms in primary colours.

Relationships between objects that do not offer any clear references serve as metaphors, and perceptions that are distant from everyday objects are depicted through these heterogeneous relationships to build a deeper synesthesia in the works.

Quality Control by Li Erpeng. photo courtesy of Tang Contemporary Art

As a Gen Z artist based in Beijing, Erpeng absorbs the products of the contemporary information age where the virtual world and cyborgs are a part of everyday life. For him, the virtual and the real, the realist and the abstract blend into one another.

He has chosen to paint dramatic forms in highly saturated colours to accelerate and magnify existing thought processes. The tangled forms and bold use of pure colour embody his instinctive reactions, while also bringing viewers into a happier state of mind.

The gallery is located at Room 201-206 of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24, and opens Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

Visit or call 02-000-1541.

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