Tech company wants to adopt your orphan waste

Orphan waste ready to be converted into environmentally friendly fuel. photos courtesy of N15 Technology

Today, an increasing number of people are concerned about the environment and are willing to help sort out waste for recycling. But, there is still many kinds of waste out there that can't be recycled and often ends up at dumping sites, causing pollution and a burden on waste management.

But here's good news from N15 Technology, a company that collects and converts industrial and office waste into refuse-derived fuel for cement kilns. It's accepting almost all kinds of waste that can't be recycled, which is also called "orphan waste".

According to the company, any kind of waste that could be cut and burned with fire can be turned into renewable fuels to replace fossil fuels. Last month, the company collected around 4.3 tonnes of orphan waste. Most were collected by the company's trucks at designated communities and many others were sent to the company via post, delivery services and in-person by environmentally conscious people.

Orphan waste and shredding waste is ready to be converted into environmentally friendly fuel. N15 Technology

Here are examples of eligible waste

- bags, such as food bags, animal feed bags, fabric softener bags, and rice bags;

-  paper such as coated paper, paper tape, newspaper, brochures, printed paper, paper cups, toilet paper rolls, egg trays, milk and juice cartons, and paper napkins;

-  aluminium foil food wrap and foil bottle caps; bottles of shampoo, milk, drinking water and other solutions; packages of instant noodles, snacks, coffee, medicine and seasoning; toothpaste tubes, straws, thread rolls, cream tubes; cloth such as rags, towels, torn clothes, old socks and underwear, and sacks;

-  plastic cup, coffee cup and waxed paper cups; and   car and motorcycle tyres.

Other kinds of waste include foam and disposable food boxes, bubble foams, toothbrushes, sponges, balls, torn shoes, chopsticks, food wrap, envelopes, combs, rubber bands, cream bottles, pens, and CDs.

Before sending waste to the company, make sure to empty the contents and keep them dry. Washing and sorting is not necessary. Waste should be sent to N15 Technology, 700/754 Moo 1, Phan Thong sub-district, Phan Thong district, Chon Buri 20160.

Next month, the company will send out its trucks to collect the waste at four drop-points in Bangkok and the vicinity on four weekends. Interested people are invited to bring their waste.

Visit or call 063-834-2494.

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