Embrace autumn with Suqqu

Sheer Matte Lipstick in a creamy maple-beige Hakucha.

Nature constantly inspires the make-up palette. Japanese brand Suqqu observes how colours dyed by nature change with the shift in seasons.

Signalling autumn's arrival, hues of gyokuju, a noble tree, have been interpreted in the latest collection of eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and nail polish.

The brand name takes reference from the Japanese expression meaning "a women rising to her full height", in the same way that trees stand tall over the seasons and years.

Suqqu's autumn/winter 2021 collection takes one to an arboretum where the beauty of the evergreen, chestnut, maple, walnut and other trees is celebrated as shades of the luxurious colour make-up.

Sophisticated Casual Mode.

The season's make-up looks emphasise lips with Sheer Matte Lipstick, whose limited-edition shades include maple-beige Hakucha, amber Kohakutou, and coffee-brown Gyokujuiro. Inspired by trees and minerals, 10 other shades lend the sheer finish upon a soft matte base, resulting from mixing two types of spherical powders into a solid wax.

Sheer Matte Lipstick in rich and ripe shades.

Signature Color Eyes Saegi and Tsuyukiri eyeshadow quads.

The top of the lipstick bullet features a stylised combination of the brand name's first three letters. The tube has been designed to match Suqqu's new brand image while the eco-friendly cap is sold separately and can be reused in order to reduce waste.

The tea-brown Juhi dresses the lips of the sophisticated casual mode autumn look. Brownish red created with the Pure Color Blush Kuchiha palette give cheeks a healthy glow while yellowish brown from layering of hues from the Signature Color Eyes Saegi quad enliven the eyes.

Pure Color Blush Kuchiha and Fuyukodachi in light and deep earthy tones.

Nail Color Polish in evergreen, chestnut, maple and walnut inspired shades.

Lips are more striking in brownish-red Kogareaka, complemented by bluish-brown eyelids, and pinkish-brown cheeks for the other warm, feminine and elegant make-up style.

Amid the brown spectrum, there's a nail polish in dusky green as an alternative to reddish-brown maple, dark-brown walnut, or yellow-brown chestnut with a glossy finish.

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