Enjoy vegetarian delights at The Mall

(Photo courtesy of The Mall Group)

"The Mall Jae Festival" is bringing over 2,000 vegetarian dishes by 200 famous restaurants and food shops to The Mall Bangkae, Bangkapi and Korat, until Oct 13.

Held to promote a healthy diet for a purified mind, the 22nd edition of the legendary festival is set in an ancient Chinese city atmosphere to encourage foodies to try delicious meatless dishes at the Grand Hall of the three shopping malls.

Highly recommended this year are 22 exceptional dishes. At The Mall Bangkapi, expect to try red pork Chinese steamed buns made from gluten wheat from the 60-year-old from Lim Auang Zhui in Yaowarat; authentic Hong Kong-style Chinese steamed buns with shiitake, oringi, oyster and straw mushrooms from Xin Ming Dim Sum; fun guo (steamed dumplings) with fried spinach filling and red pork pie from East Ocean Restaurant by SC Park Hotel; and chwee kueh (streamed rice cakes) from Chwee Kueh shop in Talat Noi.

Available at both Bangkapi and Bangkae branches are Chinese pastry with purple potato filling from Hong Kong Si Nguan Ha; cabbage and mushroom stew from Khao Tom Plang Nam 24 N in Yaowarat; khao soi (curry noodle soup) with duck from Jae Siem Yaowarat; and black tofu in sweet brown sauce from Sao Suan Gang.

Not to be missed at the Korat branch are patong-go (deep-fried dough) featuring white and black sesame, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, oat and almond from Fortune Hotel; and khanom sod sai (steamed flour with coconut filling) from Ruen Manee. Visit facebook.com/themallshoppingcenter.

Visit facebook.com/themallshoppingcenter.

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