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Miss Fish food. (Photos: Miss Fish)

Having opened earlier this year, Miss Fish, which describes itself as "Bangkok's premium, handcrafted, artisanal fish specialist restaurant" comes from the team behind LA taco truck Cholos.

The menu is developed by chef Radek Zarebinski and consists of a variety of fish and chips options, burgers, grilled fish rice bowls with signature sauces and a bunch of tasty sides. Miss Fish also serves keto and vegan dishes. The blink-and-you'll-miss-it, bright blue and pink restaurant on Sathon 10 has plush interiors. This isn't your average fish and chips shop, folks. Wanting to bring more to Bangkok than just fish and chips, chef Zarebinski wanted to have everything fish using local produce. "Everything is pretty much made in-house, except for the veggies and cheese," he adds.

Let's begin with the signature burger -- Miss Fish Royale (B270). The breaded and fried cod comes with shredded lettuce and Cheddar on their signature homemade potato bun and a side of the signature tartare sauce. Boy, they do have a lot of signatures! "This is a play on the McDonald's fish fillet. When I was a kid, this was one of the first burgers I ate and I loved it. I wanted to recreate my childhood memory," says chef Zarebinski. The Malibu burger (B340) is also based on a memory of a burger shack in LA and has grilled medium rare tuna, signature wasabi yuzu mayo, sprouts, fresh cabbage slaw and tomato. For vegetarians, Miss Fish serves a grilled beetroot burger. "No one makes potato buns here, since everyone uses brioche buns. I love the taste of potato buns and it also reminds me of Shake Shack and I wanted to recreate it. They are fluffier buns," adds the chef.

Seoul bowl.

K-POP burger.

Miss Fish. 

The fish and chips is a choice of either John Dory (B230) or cod (B340) and I chose the latter. The soda-battered cod is one of the crispiest I've had and was delicious. However, to create something healthier and easier to eat than all the deep fried food, chef Zabrinski decided on rice bowls. They come with three options of rice: Jasmine, rice berry and cauliflower, which is the current rage.

The Nippon Des rice bowl (B480) comes with medium rare grilled salmon, ikura, shoyu soft boiled egg, nori, bonito flakes, Japanese aubergines, pickled cucumber, edamame, shimeiji and Miss Fish's signature mentaiko mayo. If you're not a cooked salmon fan like me, there is always the choice of grilled tuna (B530) or grilled mahi mahi (B480).

The Seoul bowl is a play on words and ingredients. Featuring a choice of either salmon (B360), mahi mahi (B360) or tuna (B420), it comes with gochujang, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, daikon, grilled broccoli rabe, asparagus, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, carrots, purple cabbage, sesame seeds and scallions.

Green Goddess is a salad dressing, whose origins lie in San Francisco and at Miss Fish, it lends itself to the green rice bowl. Salmon (B380), mahi mahi (B380) and tuna (B450) comes with green peas, guacamole, Brussels sprouts, grilled asparagus, broccoli rabe, pea sprouts and the Green Goddess -- signature yoghurt cucumber dill sauce.

"Most of the fish comes from the south of Thailand. Black cod and mahi mahi come from fishermen in Phangnga, same with the white fish. The only imported fish is the Atlantic salmon," says chef Zarebinski.

However, the mains aren't the only ones with zing, so are the sides. I loved the Cheese pillows (B220), which are stuffed with Gouda. Yum! If you need dessert after this, Miss Fish sells Yora's range of ice creams and ice cream sandwiches. 

Miss Fish, 67, Soi Suksavittaya, Sathon 10 / Call 095-802-7319, visit Get 20% off on your first order via the website. Promo Code: New.

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