Bringing together the traditional and modern in khon

From Nov 12-15 at Lido Connect, Siam Square, join artist Jitti Chompee, a choreographer and founder of 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre, for his latest contemporary dance performance School Of Ganesh. The shows are supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of France.

photo courtesy of 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre

In School Of Ganesh, Jitti conveys the essence of khon to the current generation that is less aware of traditional Thai art. He aims to forge a connection between traditional and contemporary communities through fruitful exchanges. School Of Ganesh was created as an experimental model for Jitti's research in Body Architecture and Moving Sculpture which will lead to creativity workshops geared towards students who train in traditional dance. It will challenge them to hone a deeper understanding of their techniques and gain an understanding of contemporary methods. Finding this meeting point between the old and the new will nourish their education and training.

It is Jitti's intention to initiate a professional contemporary conservatoire of dance and reimagine the interpretations of traditional khon narration. With Jitti's style of fragmented storytelling and his particular sense of humour, he selects famous excerpts from traditional khon performances such as the rejection and revenge of Shurpanakha, a female demon character, and the scene where Rama crosses the sea to depict his scenographic interpretations. He explores the embodiment and portrayal of femininity in khon through Shurpanakha. The sounds and visuals of this contemporary creation encapsulate the charm of Thai ritual and mythology in a subtle manner. Traditional literature is presented in a new light which can ignite new meanings and perceptions of mythology in khon.

All the performances from Nov 12-15 start at 7pm at Lido Connect, Siam Square. For more information on performance schedules, call 081-814-3304, or visit

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