Samrub for all

Bangkok's most talked about private-dining kitchen takes over Spice Market

Steamed fish with soy sauce and garlic. (Photos: Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel)

If you're one of the unlucky people who could never get a seat at Prin Polsuk's chef's table aka Samrub For Thai, your luck has turned the corner.

Samrub Samrub Thai will be taking over Anantara Siam Bangkok's Spice Market until January next year. Though vastly different from the actual chef's table since we are in a proper restaurant, you won't have chef Prin cooking in front of you, answering questions, though that is a small price to pay for the flavours that will hit your palate.

Deep fresh tofu sheet.

Blue swimming crab claw with Thai wafer.

Grilled smoked duck breast salad with longkong and Thai basil.

"Samrub For Thai is like a show -- I serve you, I talk to you and you feel real and it's like eating in the kitchen. Here is another feeling because it's in a hotel kitchen, so that is not possible. The menu is different from Samrub For Thai in its concept but there is no compromise on taste," explains chef Prin.

The menu at Spice Market is an entirely new menu and doesn't cross over his chef's table. "I have to instruct the chefs as to how I would like the food served at Spice Market. I picked my favourite dishes from each month at Samrub For Thai, keeping in mind the guests who dine here. There are not that many very spicy dishes compared to my chef's table," adds the chef.

Chef Prin's new rainy season menu puts an emphasis on ingredients, more on the Central Region, like fruits, vegetables and flowering plants that grow during Thailand's monsoons. Fruit like santol or cotton fruit, longkong, beetroot, bai liang, suaeda maritima or herbaceous seepweed and even young mangosteen. "These have a mellow sour taste that makes up one of the five flavours of Thai cooking, along with spices like pepper in some dishes to help warm the body during the rainy season."

Dishes include a snack of Deep-fried fresh bean curd sheet with spices, a starter of Prawns with sala served on crunchy rice, a salad of Grilled smoked duck breast with longkong and Thai basil, a relish of Salted fourfinger threadfin fish and pork simmered in coconut cream with shallots, chillies and fermented rice, served with fresh fruits and fried vegetables; Tiger prawn curry with fresh young mangosteen, Steamed curry of my favourite fish -- pomfret and Deep-fried sesame dumplings stuffed with Chinese dates. My favourite dish is from the Central Region and is usually a soup made with fish, but chef Prin uses beef cheek. It's a delicious sweet and sour soup of beef cheek with hot basil and you'll be craving for more after one sip!

"Spice Market by Samrub Samrub Thai" offers a choice of five, seven and 10-course dinner menus. Set menus cost B2,300++ and B2,800++ for the seven and 10-course meals.

Chef Prin Polsuk.

Salted Fourfinger threadfin fish and pork simmered in coconut cream.

Sour and sweet soup of beef cheek with hot basil.

Spice Market by Samrub Samrub Thai, Anantara Siam Bangkok, Ratchadamri Road / Open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday, 5-10.30pm / Call 02-126-8866 or email, visit

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