Artists put a dark twist on life

SAC Gallery presents "Monster", a group exhibition that takes viewers to explore the extraordinary story hidden mysteriously behind the images of animals, humans and objects, until Feb 12.

Inspired by the fairy tales, myths and legends in which humans, mythical creatures and magical artefacts communicate and interact with each other, the exhibition aims to visualise the conflict inside our mind and society including love, greed, wrath and illusion.

On display are artworks including paintings, sculptures, wood-cut prints, ceramics and video installation by eight artists who present human figures in the form of contemporary art, fusion, modification, mutation and invention of supernatural personalities to interpret social situations, politics and also the domination of otherness beyond human body.

Drummer Girl by Aof Smith. Photo courtesy of SAC Gallery

The works reflect their other-worldly perspectives to the convey fear and uncertainty in society nowadays. Aof Smith, Komkrit Tepthian and Kitikun Mankit modify and combine human figures with beasts to explain dreadful situations in politics and history.

Preyawit Nilachulaka, Three, Raj Bunnag and Vipoo Srivilasa invent exceptional characters that modify the representation of humans with special conditions, to answer the questions of life and emphasise the unlimited desire of humanity.

Taiki Sakpisit, meanwhile, uses film to present animation and sounds which highlight the fragility of humanity.

SAC Gallery is on Sukhumvit 39 and opens Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.


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