Surprise your furry friends with treats at Pet Expo

Bush baby. (Photos: NCC Exhibition Organizer)

'Huley Wonga My Friends" is the theme of "Pet Expo Thailand 2021", which kicks off today and runs daily from 10am to 8pm until Sunday at Bitec Hall 103, Bang Na-Trat Road.

Organised by NCC Exhibition Organizer, this is a good time to take your lovely furry friends out to meet new friends and go shopping after the long lockdown.

More than 200 booths will offer special prices on a wide range of products and services including pet food and snacks, medical products, grooming products, apparel and accessories, toys and equipment, as well as pet hotels and accommodations.

One of the highlights is the "Exotic Pets" zone, which brings many species of rarely-seen creatures. Breeders and experts will also be there to give knowledge on the respective species.

They include ring-tailed coati, a member of the raccoon family; bush babies aka galagos; sulcata tortoise, ranked as the third-largest species of tortoise in the world; galah cockatoo, known for its pink and grey feathers; sugar glider, a nocturnal possum that looks more like a flying squirrel; and tarantula, a hairy but harmless spider.

Prairie dogs. NCC Exhibition Organizer

Also, expect to see little and adorable animals such as prairie dogs, ferrets, hamsters, chinchillas and many species of fluffy rabbits including dwarf papillons, tan, Czech frosty, mini rex, Jersey wooly and Netherland dwarf.

The four-day event will be packed with many activities including fun games for both pets and keepers, seminars on various topics, as well as a talk with actor and singer Mew Suppasit who will bring along his pet dog, Chopper, on Friday at 6pm.

As in previous editions, visitors are also invited to witness the favourite canine competitions -- "Zig Zag Running" on Friday at 2.30pm; "High Jump" on Saturday at 4pm and "Dog Agility" on Sunday at 6pm. All are open to both small and large breeds.

Visitors can also bring their pets for free health check-ups and nail trimming service by Thonglor Pet Hospital.

The entry fee is 20 baht (free for pets), with all proceeds going to animal charities.

Galah cockatoo. NCC Exhibition Organizer

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