Street artist Parinya Sirisinsuk returns with a new exhibition

Painted skateboards by Benzilla. photo courtesy of River City Bangkok

LOOOK, a three-eyed alien and a famous character of renowned Thai street artist Parinya Sirisinsuk aka Benzilla, takes centre stage during "Midnight Call" at RCB Galleria 3, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24, until Jan 2.

This is his first exhibition after a seven-year hiatus and it features paintings, sculptures and skateboards he worked on at nighttime during the Covid-19 outbreak where he crystallised a wide range of ideas.

He connected with his inner self to produce new artwork that narrate stories through his highly recognisable character, LOOOK.

All pieces have been painted with mixed-media technique, involving spray paints and acrylic paints of the so-called "Benzilla's colours" -- which are customised colour schemes produced in New York.

He also employed the stencil technique and his newfound "die-cut on the canvas" technique that is presented at this exhibition for the first time.

Besides striking colours and innovative techniques, his collectable masterpieces, which are produced in limited numbers, reveal his deep and meaningful thoughts towards the world onto his artworks.

His character LOOOK is shown playing with numerous marbles, representing various states of human minds that are bright with optimism and dim with fear while the painted skateboards reflect the various times of day that everyone experiences -- dawn, noon, and evening.

Reputed for combining craft painting, spray painting and graphic art to create one-of-a-kind artwork, Benzilla has worked with worldwide brands such as Adidas, Levi's, Samsung, McDonald's, Disney, Lacoste, Four Seasons Hotel, MCM, Johnnie Walker, HP, and Hario.

Visit or call 02-237-0077/8.

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