Keep it simple and elegant with Ordinaire

In the fashion business, a soft, skin-friendly textile as silk may be difficult to purchase as there is currently high demand in the Asia region. Still, Thailand's emerging tailor-made fashion studio Ordinaire uses this delicate fabric to design and create casual chic attire for ladies to wear on different occasions.

Thitanun "Puinoon" Taveebhol, the founder of Ordinaire, said: "As my love for fashion is strong and I have so many clothes that I wear no more than once, my sister and I started thinking of how we can wear a dress often or how we can use it in multiple ways." This sparked her idea for a clothing brand.

The name Ordinaire derives from a French word, meaning simplicity, "which also matches with my first idea of how I want my brand to be, simple to wear, simple to mix and match, simple that can be worn every day", Thitanun added.

In pursuit of a simple yet sophisticated and elegant wardrobe, Thitanun has launched another brand line, Ordinaire Privé. For this winter, her sub-brand recently released the 1st Capsule Collection in collaboration with Apinara Jewellery. This special collection is the most luxurious silk gift for women to seize the day or celebrate special moments in their life like a cocktail party or a wedding reception.

With a vivid splash of colour and remarkable floral patterns, the collection features one-piece silk gowns for both day and evening events like the Rainforest cocktail dress, Halter Maxi dress, Lady-D and Peace cocktail dress.

Thitanun Taveebhol wears the Rainforest cocktail dress and Apinara Jewellery. (Photos: Thitanun Taveebhol)

To create a more formal, sultry look, all winter gowns can be paired with Apinara's winter jewellery collection such as the classic signature Petites Snowflakes malachite necklace, and mother-of-pearl earrings.

Ordinaire Privé's latest collection also includes matching sets for a sunny day such as the Lady-D crop top with slit trousers, the Halterholic top with a strapless bra and the Holic slip skirt, plus the Jasmine top with a tennis skirt.

Among highlights in the capsule collection is Ordinaire's signature dress Fonction and the multiway silk garments. The Fonction dress is always a best-seller in every Ordinaire collection as this chic creation can create more than three different looks.

Prices for the new collection range from 1,590 to 6,990 baht.

Visit Ordinaire and Apinara Jewellery on Instagram.

Halter Maxi dress. 

Peace cocktail dress. 

Rainforest Cocktail from 1st Capsule Collection. 

Jasmine and Tennis Set from 1st Capsule Collection.

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