Exhibition visualises the human experience

An oil on linen by Arnont Lertpullpol. photos courtesy of Number 1 Gallery

A group of seven senior and junior artists present their perspectives on humans through their artwork during "Behind Black Eyes" at Number 1 Gallery, until Jan 29.

This is a rare gathering of works by celebrated and emerging artists that will lead viewers to the depth of every step of each piece's journey that has been contemplated and beautifully refined.

They include the effort artists have physically put to cross the limit of their capacities and work processes.

All pieces on show reflect each artist's comprehensive experience and challenges viewers to look for the other side of meaning, as well as the backgrounds of all artists who observe humans from their viewpoint and present them through different means.

Lying beneath the series of portraits by Thanarit Thipwaree is the process to make them artistic works which requires various techniques, including a keen eye for surrounding details.

A pen on canvas by Trinnapat Chaisitthisak. Number 1 Gallery

Nawin Biadklang has chosen to express his own experiences and emotions through paintings of his thinking face which also shows signs of anxiety and terror while Trinnapat Chaisitthisak uses a pen to repetitiously draw straight lines along the edge of each painting to challenge the limit of humans' abilities. His drawing method is compared to the modern world where every movement is controlled by time and capitalism. Vichaya Mukdamanee presents a video portraying himself reading out loud every word of Thai political history from a document to suggest that paying attention to every sentence we say may reveal a hidden implication in the particular document.

Meanwhile, paintings of Warawut Tourawong reflect humans' emotions under the circumstances, particularly environmental issues and Theekawut Boonvijit focuses more on a delicate process that involves a proper painting technique and an interpretation of light in his works to reflect the relation or connection of all things.

Last but not least, Arnont Lertpullpol's paintings are straightforward portrayals of certain events or actions of law enforcers and rulers that reflect a problem of morality in society.

Number 1 Gallery is on Silom 21 and opens Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Visit number1gallery.com or call 02-630-2523.

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