Hair's an idea to help cancer patients

Doing good never goes out of fashion. Indeed when it comes to New Year's resolutions, sharing happiness and being kind should be top priorities on everyone's list.

Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital in partnership with the Jak Nang Fa Thueng Khun Wan Mai Foundation recently launched the "Cut To Extend Happiness" campaign to help cancer patients suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment.

International research shows that 65% of individuals undergoing chemotherapy will experience hair loss. This affects their self-confidence and adds another layer of emotional stress during an already traumatic time. Such adversity thus makes some cancer patients decline the treatment.

According to Dr Thanut Khuayjarernpanishk, radiation oncologist and director of Chiwamitra, a private hospital in Ubon Ratchathani province, the number of cancer patients in Thailand is increasing. Approximately half of the cases are females and almost all of them face hair loss. Moreover, due to financial hardship, many patients cannot afford to buy a good wig.

To restore their sense of beauty and hope, the campaign is providing wigs, made from refurbished old wigs as well as real hair donations to those in need, especially underprivileged patients at state hospitals in the northeastern region.

So far, it has donated several wigs to state hospitals in Yasothon, Amnat Charoen and Si Sa Ket provinces. It aims to distribute a total of 100 wigs by 2024.

To support the campaign, you can donate your hair by registering at or Line: @chiwamitra.

The hair must be in good condition and not been chemically treated within the past three months. The required minimum lengths are 15cm for straight hair and 26cm for curly hair.

After your hair is washed, dried and cut off, it is to be tied into a ponytail with a rubber band and sun-dried for three to seven days. Replace the rubber band with a new one before placing the hair into a new plastic bag and mail it to Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital, 355 Moo 14, Tambon Kham Yai, Muang District, Ubon Ratchathani, 34000.

For more information, call 045-958-888 or visit

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