Your horoscope for Jan 14-20

Your spot-on horoscope for work, money, couples & singles from the Bangkok Post's famously accurate fortune teller. Let's see how will you fare this week & beyond!

- (⛹) is for work, (฿) is for money, (♥) is for coupled life and (⚤) is for single life
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♈ Aries

Mar 21 – Apr 19

(⛹) Regardless of where you work from, you communicate with colleagues well. If you’ve been waiting for approval or a green light, it’ll arrive as soon as expected. Your accomplishments may catch the attention of someone powerful in your industry.  

(฿) You make a lot of income from several sources. A payment you’ve been waiting for will arrive as expected. However, you may indulge in retail therapy a bit too much.

(♥) The way to win someone’s heart is through their stomach. If you’re a gifted home cook, your partner may be extra appreciative of your dishes.

(⚤) You don’t meet anyone interesting in real life but you enjoy chatting to several people you’re matched with online. A first date is coming soon.

♉ Taurus

Apr 20 – May 20

(⛹) You become more creative and productive next week. You address clients’ pain points and solve many problems for them. Everyone in the office regards you as a very competent worker. An opportunity to be reassigned to a better BU is on the cards.   

(฿) Freelancers, you may secure a high-paying gig that you don’t expect to get. Sellers enjoy more profits as a result of using various online platforms to sell their goods.

(♥) Couples have a good fight that brings them closer in the end. They put more effort and imagination into their sexy time. Interracial couples overcome an obstacle in their relationship. 

(⚤) If you’ve been chatting with someone, you may meet someone new who’s more interesting. If you haven’t, you go out often and enjoy the single life.  

♉ Gemini

May 21 – Jun 20

(⛹) Brace yourself for big drama during the first half of next week. If you’re going to assign an office junior a job, make sure s/he understands what you want. During the second half, things progress smoothly and paperwork arrives in time. 

(฿) Those who promise to pay you back keep their word. You may be offered a freelance gig that isn’t made public. Someone inspires you to look into ways to invest and/or save money.   

(♥) Couples enjoy playful chemistry and they get to spend QT together this weekend. Something happens to remind themselves why they fell for each other in the first place. 

(⚤) You may meet someone through a dating app and s/he is eager to meet you in person. You two will exchange numbers, as well as vaccination record cards.  

♋ Cancer

Jun 21 – Jul 22

(⛹) A technical error or a delay awaits you during the first half of next week. You may have to give your supervisor reasons to extend a deadline and s/he is likely to be understanding of your situation. Those in between jobs may be offered a short-term employment. 

(฿) Beware of an investment that sounds too good to be true. If you lose something, you may never get it back. If you’re a ricewinner, your dependents may need more money than usual. 

(♥) Married couples should avoid talking about careers and money-making. They may get competitive and try to outflex one another. Success comes in different forms.  

(⚤) If you’re trying to compete for someone’s heart, don’t give up too easily even if your competition seems to have a better profile than you.  

♌ Leo

Jul 23 – Aug 22

(⛹) You manage your priorities like a pro. You meet all deadlines and communicate with your colleagues well. Your workplace will be drama-free next week. A project that you’ve been working on for weeks will become a big success. 

(฿) You’re getting better at saving and investing your money. A financial negotiation may be finalised much sooner than expected in a win-win situation.

(♥) You two understand each other more after a healthy argument. Couples who are also business co-founders overcome a challenge together when they put their heads together.

(⚤) A few strangers may slide into your DMs but you fancy none. You don’t want to lower your expectations and want to enjoy your single life.  

♍ Virgo

Aug 23 – Sept 22

(⛹) You may lighten up a meeting with your wit and charm. A deal may be signed and sealed sooner because of the same reason, too. Don’t cower in the face of challenges. They are opportunities to show what you’re made of. 

(฿) You make money more than usual. A good but unexpected opportunity may be yours with the help of a lifelong friend. You can sell products and ideas to people with less effort.   

(♥) You’re busier with work and family responsibilities but you and your partner try to make the most of little free time you two get to spend together. 

(⚤) A stranger may slide into your DMs but you sense that s/he just wants a casual sex. Your ex may try to reconnect with you to ask for a loan.    

♎ Libra

Sept 23 – Oct 22

(⛹) Forget about work-life balance for now as you have to attend to a heavier workload. Try your best to take every task as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself as a worker and as a person. Challenges not only improve your skills but also character. 

(฿) Freelancers, you may have to burn the midnight oil to finish an urgent job that pays really well. Business owners, you may close a deal with a big company or govt agency. 

(♥) Don’t make a promise to your partner that you’re not 100% sure you can keep. It may feel small or trivial to you but it isn’t for her/him. 

(⚤) Someone appears to have a romantic interest in you. However, your friend may like you less since s/he has a crush on them. Your friend may be a frenemy.    

♏ Scorpio

Oct 23 – Nov 21

(⛹) Regardless of where you work form, your communication with colleagues goes smoothly. Any possible misunderstandings will be addressed. Important paperwork will arrive as expected. An office foe may turn friendly due to a common enemy.

(฿) You make a lot of money from your main job and side hustle. Customers enjoy your products as you receive more orders from various platform that you signed up with. 

(♥) Expect good communication with your partner and people who’re close to you both. A roadtrip may unexpectedly turn into a honeymoon.    

(⚤) Although you’re not in hurry to be in a relationship, you have several admirers vying for your attention. Ladies, a man in uniform or a foreigner may slide into your DMs. 

♐ Sagittarius

Nov 22 – Dec 21

(⛹) You become more creative and productive next week. You learn not to let things distracted you from achieving your goals. Your idea may turn into reality. You meet all important deadlines. Obstacles become opportunities for you to show off your skills. 

(฿) A conflict over asset ownership or investment will be resolved soon. Compensation or insurance coverage will arrive as expected. What you lost is likely to be returned. 

(♥) Couples become more experimental in the boudoir. They may even, as the late George Michael put it, “go outside”. If you know, you know.  

(⚤) Seeming too eager to get to know someone may not be appealing. Making the first move too quick may cause a bad impression, too.    

♑ Capricorn

Dec 22 – Jan 19

(⛹) Your workload may be heavier than expected because of a problem someone swept under the rug. You may receive help from someone whom you least expect. Until Jan 19, it takes you less effort to convince someone to buy your ideas. 

(฿) Your loan application is likely to be approved. A casual conversation with friends may inspire a business idea. What you lost and already forgot about may turn up.

(♥) Couples find common ground on things they usually disagree. Trying couples become expecting couples. They may receive big presents from soon-to-be grandparents. 

(⚤) A first date with someone you’ve been chatting with is on the cards. If you harbour a crush on someone, an opportunity to get to know them is on the cards.  

♒ Aquarius

Jan 20 – Feb 18

(⛹) Your workload may be heavy but what’s dreadful for you is the difficult people that you have to deal with. A brainstorming session may turn into a blame-storming session. You may have to put more effort to communicate with colleagues who are slow to respond. 

(฿) Although you make money from your main job and side hustle, don’t celebrate too hard since you may have to pay for something you don’t see coming. 

(♥) Married couples may become busier with work. You may have to spend a lot more time with your birth family as someone needs you help and attention. 

(⚤) You’re in no hurry to be in a relationship after being unceremoniously dumped by your ex who may show up next week to ask for a second chance. 

♓ Pisces

Feb 19 – Mar 20

(⛹) You maintain your main job and side hustle well. Learn how to work smart and make use of online tools and technology to speed things up without extra effort on your part. Your supervisor is very pleased with your performance. 

(฿) Your income comes from several sources but you’re not financially disciplined. From Jan 19-21, check your belongings as you’re prone to drop or lose things. 

(♥) Couples may try new things (and positions) in the boudoir. Don’t be shy about what you need from your partner sexually. Trying couples may become expecting couples. 

(⚤) You may not like the person your relative tries to hook you up with. If you’re looking for an LTR, you may meet someone who’s looking for the same thing via a dating app. 

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