Curaloe calls on old favourite for skincare

Aloe vera has long been used in traditional medicine, with the Ebers Papyrus and the Edwin Smith Papyrus documenting ancient Egyptians treating ailments with the cactus-like plant. A prescription for skin conditions, "the silent healer" particularly promotes wound healing.

Recently launched in Thailand, Curaloe optimises aloe vera for modern skincare through its green philosophy.

The beauty and wellness brand is based in Curacao, an archipelago in the Southern Caribbean, where Aloe barbadensis is cultivated according to Ecocert standards on organic farms with perfect soil and bright sunlight. The company also uses organically cultivated aloe vera from South Africa.

Curaloe Natural Line.

The Ecocert standards include a process of certified inspections at every stage of the farm-to-consumer value chain, from cultivating, harvesting, production, processing, and packaging that takes into consideration the impact on the environment, community and ecosystem, through to health and safety guidelines for all employees.

Curaloe's environmentally conscious approach is also in accordance with Good Agriculture Practices.

To retain freshness, purity, and ensure the preservation of bioactive ingredients, every aloe vera plant is processed into a pure, natural gel within three hours of harvesting.

Containing aloe vera leaf juice and botanical oils, the Soothing Aloe Gel is a treatment for dry skin, sunburn, laser treatment, insect bites and itchy skin. Aloe vera along with reishi mushroom, organ, cacao, petitgrain are key ingredients in the Age Defying Cream and Hydra Restore Cream.

Organic Soothing Aloe Gel. Curaloe

From the Premium Line, these three formulas come with EcoCert Cosmos Natural and Organic Certifications.

The organic aloe vera is also combined with other botanical ingredients for items under the Natural Line.

The clean skincare products are formulated without artificial fragrances and colourants, parabens, phenoxyethanol or other petrochemical ingredients as well as animal-derived ingredients.

For information, visit or the brand's Facebook page.

Organic Age Defying Cream. Curaloe

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