Bangkok's fragility examined through art

photo courtesy of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)

The "Bangkok Bang-Krob: Bangkok Through Crusty Frames" mixed-media show by art and musical group Pink Sky Orcas offers a reflection on the diverse perspectives of Thailand's capital city. The show is part of the Performative Art Project #10 (P.A.P. #10) and will be performed at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre from Jan 27-30.

As the Thai title suggests, bang represents vulnerability to express the fragility of the infrastructure of myth, faith, mind, environment and future; while krob means boundary and space, which refers to the conceptualisation and scoping that expresses the many perspectives of the capital of Thailand. Both words together, create the idea of the scope and delimitation of the topics to present through mixed-media mediums.

Pink Sky Orcas are a group of two young artists who grew up and lived in Bangkok for over two decades -- experiencing many changes over time just like everyone else -- and learning its vulnerabilities. The group consists of Dhorn Taksinwarajan and Kawirat Saimek, both classically trained pianists who share similarities in music and views through various art styles to communicate their thoughts on current topics.

While studying for a bachelor's degree, Dhorn co-founded Ensemble Laboratory, a mixed-instrument contemporary music ensemble that performed at the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018. Kawirat was invited to perform alongside the ensemble and they have worked together since. They also worked with children in remote areas of Tak and Chiang Mai provinces and have experienced first-hand how music activities can improve the well-being of the community. For "Bangkok Through Crusty Frames", Pink Sky Orcas collaborated with two guest composers and long-time friends of the group, Khetsin Chuchan and Taratawan Krue-On.

"Bangkok Bang-Krob: Bangkok Through Crusty Frames" will be held from Jan 27-30 at Studio, 4th floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, with a topic discussion held from 3-4.30pm followed by the performance from 6-7.30pm.

Tickets are 750 baht (400 baht for students) and are available at

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