CentralWorld art exhibition shares love with Bangkok

Groove Gallery Walk. photo courtesy of CentralWorld

Stories of relationships of young people are presented through cute illustrations that decorate the walls of Groove Gallery Walk on the 3rd floor and Zone I of CentralWorld, Ratchadamri Road, until April 30.

This is a vertical art exhibition by globally renowned Sundae Kids that has turned the area into a must-visit Instagrammable photo spot for visitors to take stylish snaps from many different angles.

Presented in the style of comic essays under the "Love Letter To Bangkok" concept, it portrays stories of romantic encounters of men and women in Bangkok.

The pictures convey the simple relationships of couples who like the same things and find themselves bumping into each other again and again despite several separations. They also depict the familiar atmosphere of Bangkok that many people might have overlooked.

The artworks showcased at Zone I, which stretches from the 1st floor to the 5th floor, are a continuation of the art shown at the Groove Gallery Walk. They depict the stories of people in the bustling city who are ready to start over again after going through bad days.

The vertical art exhibition at Zone I of CentralWorld. photo courtesy of CentralWorld

The exhibition is aimed to convey positive messages to people living in Bangkok to help boost their morale and revive the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Sundae Kids is a famed duo comprising of passionate illustrators Pratchaya Mahapauray (Poysian) and Kavin Thienvutichai who have worked together since 2014.

They take inspiration from everything around them including books, movies and songs and often turn anything that leaves a strong impression on them into illustrations, product design, animation, comic strips and painting.

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