Mark Chinese New Year with Swatch's Big Bold

Swatch is making wrists colourful with stylish Chinese New Year Special timepieces that have symbolic auspicious patterns to commemorate the Chinese New Year as the ox hands the baton to the tiger next Tuesday.

According to Chinese astrology, the tiger is the third animal in the Chinese zodiac's 12-year cycle and the characteristics of those born in the Year of the Tiger are power, strength and bravery. These individuals are charming, natural leaders and have a strong sense of justice and adventure, not to mention a rebellious streak.

The Big Bold watch features a distinctive colour combination that has an eye-catching appeal and a meaningful significance to commemorate the New Year. It boasts a gold-toned dial with a Tiger head graphic, which represents prosperity, and red is featured on the stopper, loops and hands to signify joy, luck, vitality and happiness.

The bio-sourced straps, bioceramic case and bezel are black to represent immortality, knowledge, stability, and power. The 47mm case provides plenty of room for the striking and gleaming tiger head graphic made by utilising a metalised microstructure 3D printing technique.

Swatch also adds essential elements to the watch. A Chinese translation is printed on the inside strap and the inscription "Year of the Tiger" is inscribed on the bezel. The watch comes in striking black, gold and red packaging, complete with an intricate tiger illustration that also warrants a special mention.

The Chinese New Year Special is available at Swatch shops and online at for 5,300 baht with free delivery.

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