Gucci's elegy to the golden hour

The Alchemist's Garden collection.

The 12th scent in Gucci Beauty's The Alchemist's Garden collection, A Gloaming Night Eau de Parfum, pays homage to the fleeting moment between dusk and evening, capturing the changing colours of the skyline -- pink, purple, peach and red -- as they make way for darker shades of night.

Likewise, the notes harmonise to produce a deep, woody and spicy aroma. The warmth and elegance are dictated by cinnamon, whose spiciness wraps around the enveloping woody vetiver while deep and dry patchouli strengthens the intensity.

A Gloaming Night Eau de Parfum.

Created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas and Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele, the genderless and enriching scent provides warmth when layering with other Eau de Parfum, perfumed oil and acque profumate from The Alchemist's Garden collection.

The packaging is inspired by bottles found on shelves of a vintage apothecary, pharmacy jars and perfumery containers.

The hues of the late sunset inspire A Gloaming Night's transparent ruby-red bottle and crimson red box, with gold lettering and decoration as well as an illustration of hands holding a key to unlock the secret of the scent.

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