Webinar to highlight Karen farming techniques

(Photo courtesy of siam society)

The innovative approaches of the Karen's rotational farming will be discussed in a Zoom webinar presented by the Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage Alliance (Seacha) on Saturday at 2pm.

Titled "Mitigating Climate Change: Indigenous Wisdom Of Rotational Farming And Seasonal Food Revival", the 60-minute talk will be conducted by Nutdanai Trakansuphakon, a Pgakenyaw (Karen) youth who has started an initiative to maintain, revive and promote rotational farming as a cultural practice tied to Pgakenyaw identity.

Rotational farming is an agricultural practice that involves alternating cultivation between different plots within the same location while leaving other plots to fallow. It is often mistakenly considered to be a destructive farming technique.

Nutdanai's work is based on traditional knowledge and practice in dynamic and innovative approaches through his community social enterprise's activities, including reviving local seasoning products, hosting group workshops about rotational farming, and opening a gateway to serve local organic ingredients in fine dining restaurants.

The talk will explain how the project strengthens the rotational farming system and helps foster awareness and pride of cultural identity in young Pgakenyaw people. Participants will also explore its positive impacts on environmental conservation management, its obstacles and expected solutions.

This is the first talk in the second season of the "Cha-Time With Seacha" series under the theme "Traditional Cultural Wisdom For Climate Action".

There is no admission fee but registration is required at bit.ly/ChaTime11.

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