Sip coffee and enjoy snacks at this annual trade fair

The event will feature a series of activities on coffee brewing. Kavin Intertrade

The 15th edition of "International Coffee, Tea, Bakery And Ice Cream Show" will return to Bitec Exhibition Hall 101, Bang Na-Trat Road, from Thursday to Sunday.

Organised by Kavin Intertrade, the annual trade fair will bring more than 7,000 items ranging from coffee, tea, bakery and ice cream equipment and supplies from around the world and offer a great opportunity for buyers and visitors to learn and experience the latest innovations from over 100 exhibitors.

Besides coffee machines, grinders, roasters, coffee beans, syrup, milk and accessories, the bakery section will present dough kneading machines, ovens, bakery showcase, and decorating ingredients.

Featured in the tea and ice cream section will be gelato machines, ice cream powder, matcha tea-hemp powder, 'pearl' balls for making Taiwanese bubble tea, ice machines, fridges and freezers. All kinds of packaging, including containers, cups, and glasses for a variety of beverages will also be available.

They will have special prices only at this event, which will also feature a series of activities.

With support from the Guatemala Embassy, premium grade coffee beans from eight famous Rainbow Zones of Choices in the country will be flown in for fair-goers to brew and taste. A dozen of Thai barista and siphon champions will be on hand to make those unique coffees.

Coffee bean. photos courtesy of Kavin Intertrade

In collaboration with the Barista Association of Thailand, part of the show venue will be turned into a "Champion Village" where Thai baristas and world champions will gather to demonstrate their signature coffee brewing techniques.

Another highlight is the "Coffee Traveller Adventure Camp" where coffee lovers can indulge in the "slow bar" lifestyle of campers, sipping coffee, eating snacks, and enjoying live music.

There will also be an in-depth discussion on future coffee trends and other related topics, an intensive barista course as well as a coffee roasting zone that gathers roasters from all over the country to offer coffee beans at the best prices.

On the bakery front, chef Dej Sangsrichan, the master pastry chef and founder of the Thai Bakery Association, will demonstrate how to prepare tasty baked goods and give away recipes for those starting a bakery business.

Also expect to see workshops on gelato making, high tea dessert and drink pairings.

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