Two catchy new singles worth checking out

Although many singers had to put onsite performances on hold due to Covid-19, it cannot stop them from releasing new singles. Here are a couple of recent releases from two performers.

Thanwa Boonsoongnern, aka The Toys. (Photo courtesy of What The Duck)

Artist: Thanwa "The Toys" Boonsoongnern

Song: A-Muay Hai (Chinese Girl)

Music Label: What The Duck

After a two-year hiatus, Thanwa Boonsoongnern, a Thai singer, songwriter and producer has dropped his latest single, A-Muay Hai (Chinese Girl), during the Chinese New Year. This all-round artist was involved in every step of making Chinese Girl from writing and arranging to producing, playing and recording.

Chinese Girl is a catchy pop song with rap verses about a guy who has a crush on a pretty Chinese girl. Thanwa explained that his inspiration to write the song came when he heard the sound of bells ringing at a Chinese temple. Since the celebrated actress and model Kanyawee "Thanaerng" Songmuang is the main actress in the music video of Chinese Girl, it has attracted many views and is in the "trending for music category" on YouTube.

Enhypen. (Photo courtesy of Enhypen YouTube Official Channel)

Artist: Enhypen

Song: Polaroid Love

Music Label: Belift Lab

If you are a Twitter or TikTok user, you cannot stop hearing or seeing the K-pop song Polaroid Love by the rookie boy group Enhypen. After its debut in January, the song ranked 15th on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart, which is rare for a K-pop rookie group. By Jan 28, Polaroid Love had over 12 million streams on Spotify. The song attracts listeners with its addictive melody and beautiful singing. After listening to Polaroid Love a couple times, it can easily get stuck in your head.

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