Capture a glimpse of tigers at Central Embassy

'Golden Brown Sumatran Tiger'. (Photo courtesy of Central Embassy)

The joyous atmosphere of Chinese New Year is still in the air at Central Embassy as visitors have until Feb 13 to capture shots with eight tiger statues erected inside and outside the shopping mall.

Presented as a highlight of the "Central Embassy Chinese New Year 2022: Leap Into The Year Of The Tiger With A Streak Of Fortune" campaign is "Golden Brown Sumatran Tiger", which stands 6m tall in front of the venue. A symbol of power and success, it's said to be the world's biggest tiger statue.

The other seven statues represent different tiger species and are featured in seven auspicious colours believed to deliver propitious energy in many aspects to visitors.

They include "Ruby Red Bengal Tiger", said to enhance reputation; "Han Blue Snow Leopard", said to enhance intelligence; "Jade Green Siberian Tiger", believed to empower family happiness; "Golden Yellow Cheetah", said to promote good health; "Mandarin Orange Leopard", said to bring success; "Pink Peony Jaguar", said to boost love; and "Han Purple South China Tiger", said to bring prosperity and wealth.

Another attraction is the Tiger Cave that connects Central Embassy with Central Chidlom. The walkway is decorated with vibrant graphics of tiger strips.

Shoppers also have only until Sunday to look for gifts, Chinese lucky charms and other Chinese-themed products, at the China Town Market on the 5th floor.

Visit or call 02-119-7777.

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