Sea the damage at 'Tangled: Tit Rang Hae'

Here, There And Everywhere by Narongyot Thongyu. Environmental Justice Foundation

"Tangled: Tit Rang Hae" is an exhibition that allows viewers to dive into an underwater world and experience its beauty and challenges. It's running at the Studio, 4th floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Pathumwan intersection, until Sunday.

Hosted by the Environmental Justice Foundation and Love Wildlife Foundation, the exhibition aims to unveil the journey of plastic pollution and work towards a circular economy for plastics to prevent waste from ending up in the ocean.

Visitors can experience the impacts of plastic waste, fishing gear and single-use plastics through artworks and photography, discuss what they would do if they got "tangled" and learn more about ways to reduce marine litter, which is nowadays one of the greatest threats for the environment and biodiversity worldwide.

Artwork inside the exhibition. photos courtesy of Environmental Justice Foundation

On display are art installations and photographs by four Thai artists -- Narongyot Thongyu, Natalie Limwatana, Satit Raksasri and Sirachai "Shin" Arunrugstichai.

The art pieces use marine plastic waste to provoke solutions-focused conversations around marine litter, while the underwater images showcase the impacts of ghost fishing gear and plastic waste on our fragile marine ecosystems.

Among the works on show is Here, There And Everywhere by Narongyot who was influenced by images of plastic covering beaches. He has chosen to create sea turtles from scraps that were entangled by fishing nets retrieved from the bottom of the sea, to encourage everyone to help raise awareness and make positive changes.

The exhibition is supported by the Rethinking Plastics – Circular Economy Solution to Marine Litter project from the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

There is no admission fee. Call 092-241-4241.

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