Self-reflect and embrace individuality

Self-reflect and embrace individuality


Art lovers are invited to look into their inner self through female portrait paintings that will be exhibited during "Ambivalence" at River City Bangkok's Room 254, Charoen Krung 24, from today until March 27.

Emotional Blast by Sammy N. (Photo courtesy of River City Bangkok)

This is the first exhibition in the Kingdom by Sammy N, a product designer and multidisciplinary artist from Israel, who took inspiration from the effect media content has on our perceptions of ourselves and others as it provides numerous interpretations of what is beautiful, sexy, attractive and appropriate.

His works are also influenced by the impact of social media where likes, fans, comments, posts including the selfie phenomenon promotes a false sense of self and self-esteem, particularly among young people.

In his vibrant paintings, Sammy N has chosen to come up with enigmatic female characters whose faces are concealed behind filters, with the aim to ignite our imagination by asking ourselves "What's behind all of these ladies' filters? Secrets, desires, or dreams?".

He uses filters in the paintings to connect viewers to the modern-day habit of "selfies" and ask themselves who they truly are behind the filter while learning to embrace their own individuality.

Abstract and pop art movements influence his energetic artworks. Viewers will be mesmerised by his use of a wide range of innovative techniques, including negative space juxtaposition, colour and monochrome, geometric patterns and intricate details.

Sammy N is the owner of a well-known Israeli design business who, in recent years, has decided to pursue his true passion in modern and contemporary painting.

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