'What Was', a melancholic remembrance of the past

Stained 9 by Chanida Aroonrungsi. photos courtesy of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is holding "What Was", an exhibition that will take viewers to explore the beauty of life in the past, from March 1-13.

This is an artistic expression of life reflected through individual abstract interpretations by three artists who portray their personal perspectives towards their past in a beautiful way.

On display will be 24 paintings of different techniques including acrylic, spray paint, crayon and oil on canvas which shows that everything that happened has a beautiful perspective when we look back on it in hindsight.

"What Was" is a reminiscence of the past through the lens of the present guided by time, experience and wisdom which give Chanida Aroonrungsi a different perspective and feelings from where she was before.

Closed My Eyes by Wutthichai Boontham. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

She found that everything happens for us to remember, let go and learn to better understand ourselves. This allows us to move on with joy and a more mature perspective.

For Wutthichai Boontham, it is a matter of childhood impression shaped by the freedom to play, think and dream. He has chosen to portray a balance between angels and devils in his works to illustrate both the bright and dark sides that everyone has.

Chalit Nakpawan, meanwhile, defines "What Was" as his life experiences that involve the ups and downs. They have shaped him to develop his potentials which, in turn, lead to understanding, advancement, and lifelong learning in all aspects.

The exhibition will take place at the Exhibition Room, 3rd floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Pathumwan intersection, daily from 10am to 7pm (except Monday).

There is no admission fee. Call 02-214-6630--8.

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