Paragon food fest features healthy eats

Highlight fruits from the Royal Project. Siam Paragon

Lovers of temperate produce and premium agricultural products have until Sunday to shop for their favourite items during the "Royal Project Gastronomy Festival 2022@Siam Paragon", which is running at the Fashion Hall, 1st floor and Gourmet Market, ground floor.

Held under the "Master Foods For Good Health" theme, the festival has transformed both areas into a contemporary flea market bringing a variety of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables locally grown in the northern highlands to the heart of Bangkok.

Highlight products include the strawberry Phraratchatan 80 variety, cape gooseberry, special breeds of passion fruit called "Thai Nung" and "RPF No 1" that offer a sweeter taste, as well as fresh and colourful produce that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

This year's special processed food is kale powder produced under a meticulous process by the Royal Project. It can make a healthy drink without sediment and be used as an ingredient in savoury and sweet dishes.

Other products perfect for health-conscious people are ready-to-eat roasted black sesame seeds, cold-pressed black sesame oil, cold-pressed flaxseed oil, highland brown rice, crispy quinoa seeds, curdled milk yoghurt, buffalo milk and organic eggs.

There is also a coffee corner featuring freshly blended Royal Project Coffee, which is distinctive for its strong flavour and a special healthy drink of honey kale mixed with lemon juice.

Expect to see new products such as herbal toothpaste, hemp serum and essential oil with different scents -- kaffir lime, lemongrass and makhwaen pepper.

photos courtesy of Siam Paragon

Also available are special sweet treats finely crafted from premium produce from the Royal Project by three celebrity chefs, with proceeds going to charity projects, including strawberry yoghurt cookie by Baifern Passakorn, strawberry cheesecake and perilla seed cookie by Por Unnop, and crispy kale cookie by Lee Pornchanan, winner of Masterchef Thailand Season 4.

Meanwhile, 15 leading restaurants at Siam Paragon are serving more than 30 Royal Project dishes specially created for this occasion, until March 31. They include TWG Tea, Mozza by Cocotte, Quints, Suki Masa, Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop, Talingpling and Another Hound Café.

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