Elevate your cold brew with Goat Coffee

Living in a fast-paced world, some people often skip their breakfast and start their busy day with a morning cup of latte or a shot of cold brew. However, it takes a bit of effort to brew your perfect coffee at home if you don't want to sway in the queue at the cafe. Luckily, the fledgling brand Goat Coffee has created a splendid assistant to help coffee lovers make different types of their favourite blend in just a few minutes.

Setthavut Lee

This new brand started with the legend of Kaldi, the Ethiopian goatherd who discovered the coffee plant by chance after his goats nibbled on unfamiliar red berries and became extremely energetic, happily jumping and dancing around. Inspired by this legendary herder, Goat Coffee's founders Setthavut Lee and Nuttapat Tinnachote tried to find the best coffee beans for a concentrated cold brew and deliberately selected Arabica from Ethiopia, and also Brazil and Thailand.

"We started Goat Coffee because we are just coffee lovers. We spent one full year exploring different techniques and methods for blending and brewing coffee. We have talked to many baristas to find the best coffee sources," said Setthavut.

After the one-year experiment in producing ready-to-drink cold brews, Goat Coffee eventually invented its own system to make the naturally sweet, smooth, intense flavour that meets each preference. Instead of purchasing a high-cost machine to make freshly brewed coffee, aficionados can now sip an iced Americano or a frothy latte at home by simply pouring Goat Coffee's signature House Blend over ice and mixing it with other ingredients such as water or almond milk.

"With the same level of concentration as an espresso shot, you can dilute our concentrate coffee with water or milk, or just simply serve with ice to your liking. One bottle of our concentrate cold brew can be diluted to seven serves of coffee giving you the freedom to create your own style. The three recipes are just a guild on how you can drink our coffee, but there are many more styles that you can explore such as cocoa cold brew, orange cold brew or coconut cold brew," Setthavut added.

"We want to make great quality coffee available for everyone at a reasonable price. Now, we are developing other flavours for other specific types of coffee lover. We are also looking at opportunities to launch a subscription model where we can be the No 1 solution for coffee drinkers to have quality coffee right at your door every week."

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