Friendship marked with a nod to conservation

Gen Surayut Chulanont, Georg Schmidt, Harald Link and Vikrom Kromadit.

To mark the 160th anniversary of Thai-German friendship, the Pha Kluai Mai-Nam Tok Heo Suwat nature trail is educating tourists about sustainable conservation of natural resources and the environment.

It's a collaboration between Amata B.Grimm Power, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Embassy of Germany and Amata Foundation. This new 3.4km route with minor slopes traverses the Lam Ta Khong creek through bamboo forests alternating with evergreen and dry forests in Khao Yai National Park.

The opening ceremony was presided over by president Gen Surayud Chulanont of the Statesman Foundation, German ambassador HE Georg Schmidt, chairman Harald Link of B.Grimm and chairman Vikrom Kromadit from Amata Foundation.

"The opening of this nature walk underscores the importance of conservation and the environment in the two countries. The cooperation of trail development also fulfils B.Grimm's vision of 'doing business with compassion for the development of civilisation in harmony with nature' by focusing on benefits for people and society and giving importance to conservation of the environment and wildlife," said Harald Link, chairman of B.Grimm, president of B.Grimm Power and director of Amata B.Grimm Power.

In 1897 and 1907, King Chulalongkorn paid visits to Europe. It marked the beginning of official diplomatic relations with European countries and deepened existing ties between the Siamese court and some of Europe's most powerful nations, particularly Russia and Germany.

"Today, the relationship between Thailand and Germany has flourished in various fields including economic, academic and technology transfer, product enhancement promotion, sharing of technology in agriculture and environment, sustainable management of water resources and co-operation to develop neighbouring countries," said Harald Link, chairman of B.Grimm, president of B.Grimm Power and director of Amata B.Grimm Power.

"In terms of trade relations, the private sector in the early stages had a wide range of trade, with B.Grimm being one of the companies that have been operating in Thailand for 144 years. B.Grimm started out with a pharmaceutical business before spreading to other types of ventures in the fields of industrial, healthcare, lifestyle and transport before the energy business became a core venture. All of these businesses have focused on the benefits for society, economy and environment in Thailand."

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